Kronian Ritual a Curse?

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  1. coldcandor

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    So I thought this was pretty funny and thought I'd find out if others have experienced similar chains. I Just picked up Kronian Ritual on Dungeon level 8, so I'm going back through all the levels re-using the anvils. The first one gave positives to my extremely impressive Time Lost Scarf, but the next 6 were all negative! First was on my good ring (-2 absorb!), but I managed to retranslate that into -1 necro resist. Then I decided to try enchanting the Universal Principles book I'd just found, which is now an amusing collection of uselessness:


    So, what's the worst de-chant chain you've gotten on Vanilla, and what did the item look like at the end? Also, is it normal to have this many more bad on the Ritual'd anvils vs. the original ones? I've had, on average, 80%+ good on first uses. This is my first game using Ritual.
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  2. Null

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    I put my belt on an anvil. I got :sight: -5. That is all.

    Anvils reused have the exact same chances as unused anvils.
  3. coldcandor

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    Sight -5, that's impressive in it's own right :)
  4. Grim Peeper

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    Is your character's name Magoo, by any chance?
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  5. DavidB1111

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    If he wasn't, he is now. :)
    While I do love the Anvils, I've gotten my own share of pains from him.
    Which is probably why I enjoying the Alt-F4 trick. :)
    In game, it knocks you back to the main menu, not saving any progress.
    Save before Krong anvil, if it curses you, hit Alt-F4, and you can then load the game back up for a better roll.
    While the chance is only 2/7, it's still prevalent enough that until it becomes modifiable, I'm still going to cheat the system. :)
  6. coldcandor

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    Nah, there are too many ways to cheat at rogue-likes, that's not the point of them :) Then again, I have archaeology, so overly bad stats can be re-rolled into ones I don't care about...
  7. DavidB1111

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    Well ,that only works until you get lost in your own museum, which happens sometimes on the first chance. :( So, that skill is pretty much useless.
    That was a fairly bad nerf, when there were other ways to negate the abuse of the reroll.
    As for cheating, I don't call it cheating, I call it merely stacking probability in your favor. :)
    That and the bonuses for Kronging don't seem to get overpowered unless you use a 10 star item.
  8. coldcandor

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    Actually, the itme reroll ability was extremely powerful for me. I only got lost on two items, both were so low level it didn't even matter. I was able to reroll the Universal Principles that prompted me to start this thread into something with only a -1 resist of some sort and 2-3 positivies, after only 2 positive krongs on it versus the 6 negative ones. I've come to the conclusion that you only get lost if the item has no more "power points" available.

    As to cheating, well that's why solo games are nice. Play the way that makes you enjoy the game.
  9. Lorrelian

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    Nicholas made a post somewhere, which Essence then quoted to me somewhere else, that I'm too lazy to find now, to the effect that Translation! basically has a chance of eating one of your positive buffs every time you use it on an item, and if your item runs out of positive buffs to eat then it randomizes it one more time, gives it a weak buff, and you get "lost". On the other hand, I've heard a fair number of reports to the effect that it's not actually working that way. I think there was a thread in the bugs forum about it a while back.
  10. Kazeto

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    I think it was something like "50% to decrease the artefact rating of re-rolled item by 1", and the text about getting lost in the museum appeared when said item didn't have any artefact points left (so it couldn't really be re-rolled any further).
    Which is why, in general, more potent artefacts are more difficult to "lose", but it's still possible to re-roll a weak one infinitely (if you are lucky enough, you'll never get any decrease, but you would have to sacrifice a lot of blood to the RNG for that).
  11. coldcandor

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    Interesting... I had read about the "reduction by 1", but thought it was a definite instead of just a chance. Either way, the utility of Archaeology is insane compared to most of the other skills. When deciding on a rogue/permadeath build, I refused to even try one that didn't involve that and Burglary once I'd tried them out.
  12. SkyMuffin

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    Yesterday I got -3 :trap_sense: on a fire tome early game. Basically rendered the item worthless, especially since I was doing tinkering and kind of needed to see traps so I could disarm/store them for later. :(
  13. coldcandor

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    Ouch! That and the -5:sight: above definitely would be devastating to an item!
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