Krong Special Enchantments

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    I've been trying to find a list somewhere of all of the special abilities Krong can give your weapons. Every site I found just has people chatting about what the anvil experiences they've had.
    I would have thought there'd be a chart on a wiki page showing a list of them , what they say, and what each ability actually does; but there really isn't all that much in the wiki I found, and even less crosslinking.

    The only ones I can recall are:
    "Sends your enemies into a terrible nightmare" which I'm not exactly sure what it does; because it is different from the "Puts enemies to Sleep" one.
    something about sets the floor on fire, which sets a Fire rune.
    I've seen a brightness, a sets enemies on fire, a fleshbore, and a bling-strike, but I don't remember the flavor text.
    And there was one that said "Gives you the power of Blasting" but I couldn't actually figure out what it does.
    Does anyone have a link to a chart like this? And if not, is there anyone willing and able to create an entry in the wiki for it?

    I have a handful of mods that might have possibly added more (though I don't recall reading any notes about that), but I'd like to know the official ones, if someone is up to it.

    EDIT (as I find more):
    "It shocks your enemies with bolts of electrical energy" - I assume something Voltaic
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    Nightmare is different from sleep because it uses the Nightmare Curse. It deals Asphyxiating damage, and should put them back to sleep every turn while it lats.

    I've also seen "turn the flesh of your enemies to gold" which gives a small chance to proc Midas on hit.
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    Well, at least that differentiates between the two sleep ones. Thank you kindly.

    I think the Midas Touch one was the one I called Bling-Strike. At least it's the start of a list. :)
  4. I've had a crossbow receive the ability to root targets on hit.