Just released: Battle Mines!

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    So, been a while since I updated the threads. We have some nice new features including:

    - The Quest system, 30 plot points over 3 chapters, rewards for chapter completion and a good way for n00bs to learn the game.
    - A new mini-game, the Wheel of Adventure, joins Spy Hunt as a way to spend accumulated juice.
    - The renovated policy page has information on government and industry, as well as a chatter area for your advisers, who will give you advice on demand.
    - Animations for active production buildings, with more going in this week.

    Lots more to come soon including a new tech screen, and a complete overhaul of the website.

    As if you needed more encouragement, here are some codes for free stuff that you can active on the "Account" page, after you log in (one per user):


    Battle Mines! Whimsical post-apoc empire building strategy! Fun!

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    Hi there Gas Lampers,

    Things are looking great for Battle Mines! Most of the in-game screens have been redone in the past month, gameplay tweaks, prettied-up the website, and a friendlier newbie experience for your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Strategy MMO!

    We have tons of new people joining every day, and analysis shows a decent chunk of traffic arriving from this thread. I just wanted to show appreciation by sharing a few more $10 Gold codes:


    One per customer, use these on the Account page, after creating your empire: https://battlemines.com/signup.php

    So yeah, thanks for being awesome and enjoy the fallout! Red Horseman is on the horizon, come blow up your neighbors!
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    At last, Battle Mines has an official trailer!

    Please take a minute to enjoy the video!
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    I have AutoHarvest turned on and the timers show 0:15:20(A) or whatever, but when it gets down to 0 it doesn't autoharvest. Am I stupid and doing something wrong?

    edit: nevermind I had to toggle over harvest.
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    So here is my three day review

    I need more stuff to do. I feel like 95% of the time I'm waiting to change my trade to upgrade a tech. Aside from spinning the wheel or searching for a spy there isn't enough to get me to come back to the game.

    I have no idea what I'm doing still but I was the #1 player (briefly) world-wide and am sitting at #2 right below harlan, who has 9ish months played according to the status.

    But, uh, I need more. I don't know what it is.. but I need some reason to want to come back and click things. I'm doing it still because I want to nuke the shit out of people but the only way I can gain resources is by waiting days and that isn't very fun. If it wasn't for the free money I was given due to the codes I wouldn't be playing still.

    i'm still enjoying it, but I want more.

    Maybe include a bunch more upgrades that do smaller things like reduce the time to mine. 6 hours is a lot. I'd rather have it be at 2 hours and require x3 the materials to harvest, because that would at least give me a reason to come back to the computer every 2 hours to check my trades and modify things.

    I have no clue how I'm in 2nd/1st place btw. I don't really know what I'm doing other than logging in frequently and trading and shooting at people.I was global leader for a few minutes and then I logged back in and wasn't anymore, but was second place instead.
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    Thanks for the review Ixath! That actually sounds pretty ok, most people have more specific complaints. If you feel you need more to come back to, then at least you're hungry to play. It would be possible to rebalance everything to operate x3 more quickly, but then people who only want to play a couple of times a day might be turned off or marginalized.

    The scope of the game is what it is. It definitely doesn't have as much to "click" as harvest-heavy games like Farmville, but the intent is that every action you take can have a more significant impact on your outcome for the day. I'm trying to think of innocent "click-heavy" interactions.. maybe something like, your buildings get dusty, and if you log in once a day to clean them then you get small prizes based on some criteria. If you could clean your neighbours' buildings as well, that would give you lots to click on. I can keep that idea in mind and develop it later.

    In other news, Battle Mines has been featured in the press a couple of times lately, so I put together this press kit: http://battlemines.com/presskit.php
    Check it out for some of the back story on BM development, as well as all the shiniest media in one place.

    If anyone else would like to post a review, I'd love to read it and discuss potential improvements! Thanks all!
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    Battle Mines has had several positive reviews written!

    "Those that decide to take the leap into the world of Battle Mines will find it to be both an addictive one - I have it running in my browser as I write this now - and also a rewarding one."
    Davidlee Jolley - Indie Game Magazine

    "The Free-to-Play price tag and different take on an established genre make this definitely worth a look. The elaborate tech and resource system will keep you going for a long extended period of time and the laughs will keep it fresh."
    Pieter Troffaes - Indie Love

    "This game is multifaceted and deeply interesting with mechanics unlike any game I've come across before. The player can play the game any way they choose and always be presented with challenge and fun."
    Hannah Evans - Moby Games
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    Quick note, Autoharvest is now free! Manage your production buildings while doing important things like sleeping and working, come back to an inventory chock full of resources! Enjoy!
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    Terraforming has now been made free, meaning Battle Mines is free to enjoy in its entirety. Come check out some wacky, manageable MMO strategy today, friends!