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    Hey I've done some googling, but have no answer, there nor here on the forums, so how do i join the experimental branch on steam? Was it invite only based on backer status/collectors edition purchase?
  2. Hello Akuthia. I'm glad you decided to take the experimental branch plunge. Please post your thoughts on the game after you play the experimental branch. I guarantee it feels significantly different from the stable branch (well, that is my experience anyway). Have fun! =)

    Text below was copied from the entry of @Alephred in:
    How to opt in to the Experimental Branch:

    1) Right-click 'Clockwork Empires' in your Steam Library,
    2) Select 'Properties', go to the 'Betas' tab.
    3) In the drop down menu (entitled 'Select the beta you would like to opt into:'), choose 'experimental -'

    The client will update itself, or you can Verify Integrity of Game Cache in the Local Files tab. You can switch back to the stable branch the same way. Be warned saved games will tend not to work between branches, and stuff in the experimental branch is not guaranteed to function perfectly.
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    erm. interesting, I had previously tried that, and the drop down wasn't working. After looking at it some more, the default text in that field is selected though, and I arrowed down and was able to change it...
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