"I've played this game ____ many hours, and I'm still a noob!" moments

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    I believe it is mentioned but the new tutorial has only been out as long as CotWs I believe. I never tried it with patch 1.0.10 so I'm not sure.
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    420 hours: Today I discovered that you don't have to right click on a wand, then right click on your target again to use it. You can also left click and hold the wand in your cursor, then left click again to use it.

    Unfortunately, the wand that I discovered this with was a Camera. While standing next to Brax.
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    I could have swore that I was Mr. Uber Noob, with 200+ hours and never having gone Rogue. Yet I check the achievements and see this isn't so.

    It don't work dat way, at least, not any more. I kept hitting ravens when I was aiming for mummies, or furniture. Furniture is REALLY frustrating, too. Could we get at least some kind of bolt return on furniture and walls ? Really hate it when I fire off five shots along what LOOKS to be a clear path right to the monster, only to realize the statue I'm standing beside (not behind, beside) is eating all my bolts :mad:
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    They said it was a bug, and I guess they fixed it. I agree that the ranged weapon pathing should be more liberal.
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  6. For a long time I thought Fleshsmithing was a crafting skill like Smithing and Alchemy and never touched it.
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    I was really confused when I finally chose the skill because I didnt know how to craft stuff with the cubes of meat it gave me
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    This is what i thought the first few times i did Fleshsmithing also. I kind of wish it did involve transmuting or sacrificing blobs of meat.
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    That's good to know.

    When I was a wee n00b last winter, having just bought the game from the Steam Winter Sale, I played for ~20 hours before I discovered the quick sell mode. Despite it being written right at the top of my inventory window. I actually had stacks of stuff sitting on the store floor because I'd dropped it instead of selling.
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    Until almost 30 hours, I was selling only the stuff i could because i used to put them in the empty slots left by things I bought.
    *diggle facepalm*
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    The only way to find out if there's something inside or not is to GO DEEPER.

    Because it's a room WITH A ROOM INSIDE IT.


    Holy crap, that took me MONTHS.
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    Now we only need a mysterious portal inside of mysterious portal.
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    Sometimes the Horde spawns will feature a diggle inside of a diggle :confused:
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    I've played 120+ hours and still haven't gotten past dungeon level 5. Yay!

    Granted, I DO only play on GRPD, so...

    I also did not know about destructible walls until reading this thread -- I just thought I was randomly destroying walls on accident!
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    This was cool enough to warrant a thread necro:

    After 500 hours, I finally noticed today that the adventurer is left-handed. That is, your weapon animation is determined by whatever is equipped in the left-hand slot. I thought that was pretty nifty.
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    So the Duel Wield achievement is a lie?
  17. Kazeto

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    It is not. The eyebrowed person is ambidextrous instead of left-handed if you take dual wielding.
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