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    In Soviet Russia, Warrior heals the Healing skill!
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    Wow, Vegan with that nerf will be really challenging. Wait... Not. You just have to concentrate a bit more, but since you demolish anything anyway it should be ok :p
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  4. Hmm! I love the promise of the expansion. But I really really hate bugs, and I have no technical skills that would let me install patches. I confess, I think I'm going to wait a few days before downloading.
  5. Daynab

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    Unless you really want to continue a current save, there isn't any new major or game breaking bugs in right now, so feel free to.
  6. Does the music for the Pocket Dimension remind anyone else of the End of Time from Chrono Trigger?
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  7. It gave me a warm fuzzy nostalgia wave for the SNES RPG classics. Didn't remind me of any title in particular, though. Also, are the Grafittis one use only per install? Or just per character?
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    Now that Dredmor is finally done for awhile, I can finally get back into it. I am LOVING this new portal system.
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    It's one use across the entire game. You can't go back to a Wizardland that has been explored by another one of your characters.
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    What sorcery is this
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    Excellent add-on for an excellent game... it's funny how I paid 11 bucks for a game, could have paid ~6 for teh whole kit and would have easily paid 25$ without asking any further questions... Sometimes the price simply doesn't fit the game it would seems...
    Too bad I already broke it...
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    Wizardlands hasn't been out for very long, and the very nature of it is...

    Look, you know how Bethesda's games crash under a stiff breeze? This is kind of like that. Except fixable. We hope.
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    delete wkeys_all.dat (or something similarly named) from your save game folder. Not sure if it'll bork up your existing saves, so use only if you want to start afresh.
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    Just acquired Wizardlands and the patch. Come at me, diggles.
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    Hey Nick/other Gaslamp guys, how do we go about doing that customizing-our-pocket-dimensions thing?

    Because I found a TARDIS.

    and then died three rooms later because I pulled a lever and spawned two Evil Clones from dungeon level not one
  16. Nicholas

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    Click the lamps.

    That said, the TARDIS is a custom blocker, not a level blocker, and cannot be assigned to the lamps... yet.
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    This. A thousand times this. Does it scale well/at all?
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    Just bought it, launched and saw Rearden Metal. God, it made my day.
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    I'm enjoying the dlc a lot.
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    As much ashamed as that makes me feel, I'm loving the bankster skilltree