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    With all due respect any of you may arguably disagree with me but please note that i have only tested this on Dwarvish Moderation (normal) and some of these things seem to be wayyyy overpowered.
    Experimenting with a random build just to get the achievement I just completed the game on Dwarvish Moderation (normal) and some things stood out to be very broken (game breaking).

    Viking Wizardry:
    Unholy Warcry- I use this skill on a enemy until they are feared. They keep running away and when they stop moving i proceed to attack them. Guess what? They don't fight back. So what's the problem? It works on EVERY ENEMY in the game... even on Lord Dredmor. This makes even a mage class without dueling wielding able to kill things without worrying about taking too much damage. Warped into a room surrounded by enemies? Unholy Warcry! Lord dredmor in front of your face? Unholy Warcry!

    Thor's Fulminaric Bolt- Might need a nerf. I think it does too much damage for just 3 mana after having lots of points into Savvy, full mana regeneration and when booze is consumed. Oh and i tested this many times and maybe the wiki is wrong but the aftershock damage, the damage from the 3x3 square attack after the bolt has landed does NOT damage the character, making the skill usable at point blank range.

    Clockwork Drill BOMB- Not the bolt. Try firing this at the same enemy 3 or 4 times and watch how much blasting damage it does. Too lazy to test it out? Here's a picture of it. Oh the damage is cumulative, the more bolts into the enemy the more damage it does.

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    You are complaining about a game being easy when you're not playing on the hardest difficulty it has to offer?

    The step up from DM to GR is huge.
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    Generally I agree but the problems brought up are not based on difficulty. I'm under the impression difficult only adds more monster hp per level, reduces health regen, ups item cost and lowers selling profit, and makes unique monster do more damage. None affects scaring any monster in the game, or doing 216 blasting damage in a single round of combat (even if it takes a 5 turn set up), or the highest damaging spell in the game only costing 3 mana.
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    No, it does a lot more than that. Look at the tweakDB. You get added levels to monsters (meaning higher stats overall), an increased maximum monsters in a room, faster respawns, bigger hordes, more traps, less food and booze, a greater chance of your instabilities firing, higher sneaking penalty, so on and so forth.
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    It still doesn't matter, I've said that Warcry is OP before; This wasn't the case originally as fear was a bit bugged, but now it's just OP. Dredmor and Digula definitely need immunity. The cost needs to go up and the duration needs to go down.
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  6. Based on the raws, thor's fulminaric bolt's aftershock will not HURT you but can paralyze you (...although. Can the player actually get paralyzed?) It's reversed on the main bolt although that is less likely to matter since you'd have to shoot yourself.

    Powerful monsters being effected by fear seems to be a definite issue though.
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    Well, arguably damage becomes less significant if the target has more HP and all mana costs become more significant if mana takes twice as long to regenerate.
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    Well difficulty consists of challenges you need to overcome. Higher prices cuts your ability to buy cool stuff right away. More hp without boosting damage is not a difficulty setting but rather a health wall which is boring. So boosting monsters and their stats also reducing your abibility to regain life without cutting your stats is a nice solution.

    However I found myself unable to fully enjoy this game even on Going Rouge, because after a while it usually happens on level 4 I became a killing machine that no one can stop. I play as a warrior who can craft for himself usually, so no spells. When I created a mod that gives you the ability to disassemble equipment game became easier even from level 1.

    My last and current playthrough is using 4 mods.
    More Difficult Monsters (gives element of variaty and surpize also providing a challenge)
    Interior Dredmorating new items) (adds several very good rooms including zoos even on the Dungeon lvl1)
    Elvish Reality Reborn (A hardcore mod I created that gives tons of fun :))
    Advanced Craft'n'Smelt (another my mod that gives you ability to disassemble stuff)

    After I used all of the above I created an ideal game, at least for me. MDM and ERR add challenge, ID brings variety of decorations and adds additional difficulty to upper levels. ACnS ballances the hardiness of other mods by providing materials for crafting faster and giving extra food to heal. From now on slow pace clicking game, became really exciting, you have to use everything you can to survive

    So I think what this game lacks is not nessesary nerfing, but another difficulty level that is not only hard but is also more rewarding, like giving extra xp so the character can lvl faster.
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  10. I'm just gonna bump this thread to echo the call for an Unholy Warcry nerf. The spell is cheap to cast, has a wide range, good duration, can't ever be resisted, works on every enemy, and renders all its targets utterly harmless. Just by itself, it's enough for mage-types to completely avoid melee combat without any tactical difficulty or drawbacks. Combined with a good distant-targeting spell (such as Thor's bolt or Gag Order) to quickly neutralise enemy casters, most enemy groups up to entire monster zoos become a cake walk even on GR/PD.

    And yeah, not that it isn't satisfying to see Dredmor cowering in terror from you for a change, but ...
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    Will nerf in ECSRII.
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    I take Thor's bolt back, but i got a new one:
    Anyone else feel Necronomiconomics' Tenebrous Rift should be nerfed? I know it's a capstone skill and therefore should be powerful, but i think it's a little too powerful when combined with either blood mage or leywalker (or both but not necessary). I was able to clear zoos at levels 7+ with only like 10 magic power after 5 or 6 casts.
    Sure there are debuffs attached to it but there is a way to circumvent this, baring skills and potions that remove curses. I don't know if it was intentional but all you have to do is target a space that's not occupied by an enemy.

    Equipment nerfs:
    -I'm still sticking with what i said with Clockwork drill bomb arrows, still kills dredmor easily. I stock up on them and usually end up killing dredmor after 20 or so bolts (with majority of them missing!) or severely crippling him down to less than 20%hp.

    -Ring of Deepest Skies- I was healing as much as 20 hp with only 30 magic power. As a result i found myself going melee as a wizard most of the time just simply because i could not die while wearing this ring. At first i thought it was my vampirism skill giving me life back but i noticed i missed my target mulitple times but for some odd reason am still gaining huge amounts of hp back. Turns out it was the ring and so i've kept it on, put all krongs on it, and never took it off.

    Edit: Just wanted to add that I have tested this all on Going Rogue difficulty.
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    Noted for the Grand Item Rebalance (of Mid 2013).
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