Item Editors & Lootfrisk (online item sharing database)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by rmuk, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Fatdude

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    Lootfrisks works so far downloaded and item and uploaded 2-3 items to test it out.Its nice.Maybe a way to see the stats of the item we downloaded?
  2. Helix Mantis

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    Wow! That was pretty damn epic! And yeah, my Wizzard hat :) I didn't fully add the stats unfortunately, but I'm liking the way its put together. Ill be contributing to your database a lot from now on, give me a little bit to make some of my own icons and such and we'll be good to go! I was also wondering, A: Do these items show in all instances, shops, chests, random loot, as Ive only seen one item thus far. B: Do you know if the dungeon levels are generated on the fly? Main reason is I have a wizard on floor 6 that i'd love to help along. Thanks for making a great tool!
    Edit: Totally forgot to mention, Lootfrisk seems to close occasionally when viewing an item, not really sure why. Also, perhaps not related, but my Dragon's breath spell seems to be moving a lot slower than it was. Seemed to be normal before adding the new items.
  3. rmuk

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    Thanks for trying it out man and yeah you're totally right about the patch. Seems like it's going to be pretty epic! We *might* even get lucky and see modding officially enabled. I'll likely update these tools to accommodate 1.04 as well.


    Thanks for testing! Agreed that it would be handy to see an items stats before downloading it - but that would probably take quite an investment of time to implement. I'd considered this, but opted for letting the user "tag" their item instead. On that note, I'm updating Lootfrisk to add more tag text space in the hope that this encourages lengthier item descriptions.

    Now, my other line of thought regarding this (which not many people will probably agree with) is that, in a way, I didn't want people to see the stats of the items they were downloading. It sort of has an "unidentified" item feel to it (imo). So, yeah, you see the pixels and you see the item creators description tag, but you don't know the full properties of the item until you actually discover it in game. I think that feels quite roguelike-ish, but that's just my take on it and I know that probably represents the minority >.>

    @Helix Mantis

    Good stuff man, definitely looking forward to seeing your custom sprites (yay! getting so sick of the sprites in the sprite pack -.-) & your future item contributions!

    To answer your questions:


    I've got to be honest and say I don't know *exactly* how loot is handled in DoD. Some items seem to be manually assigned to specific tiles on the dungeon floor (see roomsBD.xml) whereas others appear randomly in chests etc.

    Custom food & drinks seem to work fine, but armour & potions need to be looked into. I've personally had custom armour show up in the shop a few times, but I can't recall seeing any spawn on the dungeon floor or being pulled out of a chest. This is something I'm looking into and I'll be sure to update the post & software as soon as I've figured it out. If anyone understands how it's all linked together, I'd love to hear it!


    Thanks for letting me know - did it close with a message or did it just lock up? I'm going to fix a few issues with Lootfrisk this morning - the new version should be up in a few hours. I think I'll start spending more time *testing* and less time making, lol. With regards to Dragon's Breath being slower - No idea there, Helix. The only changes that inserting items makes to the game is

    1. Adds the custom items 32x32 .png sprite to the DoD 'items' folder
    2. Adds the custom items info to the main 'itemDB.xml' file

    Number 2 is just a quick, nasty workaround until I understand mod file/folder layout, then the custom items should be assigned to their own folder and whatnot. I guess these utilities are just rough 'proofs of concept' until modding becomes official xD - But yeah, nothing else is modified when you add items, so I can't help ya there Helix. :(
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    Thanks for the response! Should be fun :)
    Nice, well i'll keep an eye out for the drops of course, so far it was only my food that showed.

    Yeah, I didnt think the tools would really affect the game particularly, It must've been an odd coincidence. No worries about it :) As for lootfrisk, it came up with a window that stated "lootfrisk has encountered an error and needs to close", or something to that effect. It closed the entire window, next time it happens ill screen it if you'd like.
  5. Best thing ever.
  6. ArtenXevious

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    What program did you use to generate the art for the items in the screenshots? I've been interested in pixel art in a while and figure this is a great thing to get back started up again.
    Getting the tools now to do some fiddling; I'll get back to you with my thoughts after.

    Edit: Slight oversight. Made a good-looking sprite for a Rapier only to realize Armoursmith does not have a way to generate weapons. Is this intended, or am I missing a workaround or something?
  7. rmuk

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    Heya Arten,

    All the sprites were sourced from the net, unfortunately! But when I'm done with these editors, I'll probably start spriting up some custom stuff. Yep, no weapon creator at the moment :( just waiting for patch 1.0.4 before I start on the other editors, and the current ones will probably need a revamp to keep them up to date, if they're not made completely redundant by Gaslamp's tools.

    Sorry you can't integrate your sprite 'just' yet (though you could always do it manually via the xml files). Or, if you want, you could add your sprite to the database as an armour item - Just give it the name & stats of what it would be if it was a weapon and I'll tweak it so it's wieldable as a weapon in game, if you don't want to touch the xml files.

    But yeah, definitely want to see some more player made sprites!
  8. ArtenXevious

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    There's no rush, rmuk. I don't need to see it in game any time soon. Just thought of some hilarious rapier-related jokes and wanted to get it onto paper somewhere.

    I didn't even see that there was a sprite pack. I just noticed '32x32 .png' and started drawing while my slow internet chugged up the tools. Strange that you included weapons in the sprite-pack but there are no weapons available...
    Unless someone wants to wear my rapier as a peg-leg.
    Huh. Some of these are from Dragon Quest. Hilarious!

    Time to get motivated to pixel up some armors.
  9. rmuk

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    lol, yep there's quite a mix in there - Tibia etc. too, just indiscriminately grabbed anything that looked *shiny* :p

    Hmmm, "Rapier Legs"... Sounds like it would make for an interesting enemy!

    If you're interested in pixel art & plan on getting (back) into it, you should check out Pixeljoint if you haven't done so already, Arten:

    Decent community & tons of cool pixelsmithing
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    I've imported several foods, drinks and items into my game using your tools (downloaded yesterday) I made a lot of different level armours etc. but I still havn't seen any in-game?.. are they very rare or what's up with this?
  11. IanExMachina

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    Creating and uploading a few items, definitely fun.
  12. rmuk

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    Hiya Ribbins, sorry about that - Your suspicions are founded, and I'm fixing this at the moment. The method I was using to save the items didn't work the way I'd assumed it would (note to self: don't make assumptions), so I'm just rewriting the tools now. After this update, custom armour will ACTUALLY show up in the game (tried, tested & confirmed working multiple times w/ this new save method). I'll post the new download link as soon as it's done.

    Also, I'll include a copy of the original itemDB.xml file and a program to quickly restore it, thus setting your 'itemsDB.xml' back to its original state. Unfortunately the items you've already inserted into the game will need to be remade, but yeah - guaranteed this next update is going to fix the issue.

    Thanks & apologies!
  13. Ribbins

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    All right, I thought the problem was on my end! And a request, please let us edit food and drink health/mana values etc with numbers instead of the mouse scroll, it takes ages to make high level food! :p
  14. Lord Blade

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    Wow... I go away for a little bit to take care of other things, and when I come back we have new toys! :)
  15. rmuk

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    @Ribbins - Done!

    @Lord Blade - Haha yep, toys are fun :p Even better ones coming soon too... Seems we *might* see modding enabled in the next patch \o/
  16. rmuk

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    *nudge* Just updated this stuff & posted the new download link in first post. Hopefully this fixes pretty much everything that was broken. This should be the last update 'til Gaslamp officially enable modding.

    If you've already been using these tools, then you should probably just delete them and grab the new update. The old tools were more broke than the time I got home from my vacation in the Philippines -.-

    Unfortunately, the Lootfrisk database had to be purged in order to accommodate these updates! Really sorry to everyone who has created & uploaded their awesome items (pint of stout, gemmed armour, bottled water, shielded pretzel etc.) Hopefully you don't mind remaking and adding them again using the updated tools!

    So, let's get the item database restocked guys! *brofist*

    First person to add an item to the database wins the game! Which you just lost, by the way...

    Thanks for checking in!
  17. zaratustra

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    There's no weapon editor?


    - Combine all editors into a single window
    - Double the size of all controls
    - Use single click where you're using double click
    - add damage resistances to armor
    - less popups, more status bar messages
    - add a button to download all items
  18. IanExMachina

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    Ok time to restock. (I made the pretzel and stout :p)
    Definite kudos for creating the tool.

    Quick question - Currently item quality is un-editable says Armoursmith,bugged a bit?
  19. rmuk

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    *nudge* Version 2.0 released & link updated in first post.


    Hi Zara,

    To address your suggestions(!)

    - No weapon editor yet, been concentrating on the stuff that's there. I might try and get one done at some point though. Likely not though, since 1.0.4 is looming & I'm moving house within the month!

    - Yeah, ideally these would all be condensed into a single program, but that'd require too much effort at this point. /lazy

    - Changed to single click selection for Armoursmith "item type" selection.

    - I'll look into it. I actually had resists in at the start, but I got busy and chose to leave them out with the intent of coming back to it and adding it in when I was less busy... That was about 2 weeks ago -.-

    - Hmmm, personal preference I think! I don't see any need to change the tooltip indications. Could maybe change the colour of them I guess.

    - Good idea, will look into getting this added ;)

    @IanExMachina Hey, thanks for the kudos :D

    Ah, star quality rating was disabled until I had a better understanding of what it was actually indicative of, or rather, how it influenced the rarity etc. of the item (if even at all)! I noticed a thread about this, so I'll check it out.
  20. zaratustra

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    I don't mean the tooltips, I mean the dialogs that open whenever you load a database or download an item. I already can tell the database's been loaded if the item list appears.