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    (warning: HTML fail)

    Note: Sorry to anyone who has already downloaded 3.0, there are more bugs to be fixed. DoD seems to be "very" picky about XML layouts. Please restore your itemDB.xml, which you can do by using the menu option in the Item Inserter tool. I'll personally fix all the items you've made and uploaded (some really cool items in there!) - and reupload them. In the meantime, sorry for any problems. Just make sure you restore itemDB.xml to avoid crashes, this will wipe out all the "bad" custom item data. Please avoid using the tools until the Update! Thanks for being patient :3
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    Welcome to the Lootfrisk &amp; Item Editors thread. This topic contains the latest update information and download links for the Lootfrisk program &amp; Item Editing software.

    For those who already know what these utilities are all about, here's the latest download link to version 3.0 (Beta):

    <img alt="" src="" />Lootfrisk &amp; Item Editors version 3.0
    ***Update in progress to fix a few things***
  2. Puce Moose

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    Impressive work on those tools rmuk, thanks for the upload.
    Do you know if it's possible to create miscellaneous items (similar to the quest items)? I was thinking about making a few journal pages that could be found that add some additional story/flavor, and I wondered if such a thing could be done.
  3. dbaumgart

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    Very, very cool.

    (Make a GUI room editor next! I've wanted one of those *forever*. ... and okay, I realize how massive a tool that actually would be. ... some day.)
  4. rmuk

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    Thanks guys, have the editors been working ok? There's a settings.ini in the 'Data' folder where you can edit the path to your Dungeons of Dredmor install folder - mine is:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor

    I've seen some variations on that (x86) etc. and was only able to test this on my own computer before before uploading . So if you're having any issues with saving, it might be worth checking that and editing as required.

    @Puce Moose - That should be no problem at all, but I'll double check to make sure. I didn't want to go overboard and make a full blown suite of tools, only to see the official Modding kit come out a few days later, thus make everything redundant, lol. It started off as an armour creator to add some variety to gear the first few floors, but these editors have been fun to make so I sort of expanded on it. Ideally, I'd rather have them all condensed into one single app, but having them as seperate programs will do for now, they're not intended to be super professional.

    @David - Positive feedback from a Dev, cool & thanks! I'll look into the room editor too, sounds like it might be fun to tackle :p Thanks for an awesome game.
  5. Tacroy

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    @rmuk: I don't know what language you're writing this in, but if it's in a .net language you should be able to use something like:
    <code>Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ProgramFilesX86) + @"\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game"
  6. DavidB1111

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    @rmuk Er, Xhamster is a "naughty" website. Don't know why you're sharing that info with us. :) We didn't need to know.
    Don't know any game unfortunately named Xhamster either.
    That said, nice to see you do this.
  7. Nicholas

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    ... wow, impressed.
  8. rmuk

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    @Tacroy Thanks for the input! I think I'll just tack in a quick "Locate Installation Folder" type menu option in the Inserter if I work on this any more, since these utilities are being made in MMF2 - so it's all event driven/script based - But I thank you for the suggestion, I can imagine that snippet would've been quite handy!

    @DaviB1111 Sorry if that caused any offence! I just tried to slip in some (admittedly distasteful) humour - didn't think anyone would think twice about looking it up, lol.

    @Nicholas *Tithes cookies to the Gaslamp God*
  9. DavidB1111

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    @rmuk Oh, no, I'm not offended. I'm just surprised you mentioned it. After all, I am quite familiar with that website. :)
    I like distasteful humor, I just feel bad because I didn't quite realize it was done for humor sake. I'm a bit dense. Just call me Osmium man.

    That said, jokes aside, I find it very impressive you worked on this. I might try it out.
  10. galentknight

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    instead of mouse wheel the vaules how about highlight the value you want but instead
    insert it by allowing editable as if youre typing. using the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the value takes to painfully long.
  11. Tacroy

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    @rmuk You could also try using "%PROGRAMFILES%\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game" instead of "C:\Program Files..." - assuming MMF2 produces 32 bit executables, it'll get sent where it's supposed to go. %PROGRAMFILES% gets replaced with whatever the appropriate Program Files directory is when Windows interprets the path. This also covers the case of people having their Program Files directory on a different drive.
  12. galentknight

    galentknight Member

    also the item created should be GIVEN to the character instead of inserted into the dungeon for your character to find.
  13. rmuk

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    @Galentknight - Thanks for the input! I've updated the armour creator tool so that you can just type the values in - though the scroll mouse wheel method still exists as well. With regards to giving the item to the player as opposed to just adding it to the loot table, well, that would take the excitement out of finding your shiny new phat pixels!

    @Tacroy - Thanks again man, that makes sense and seems like a better way of doing it - and yep, MMF2 handles pathing similar to the way you've described, so we can get rid of that pesky .ini file.

    @David - I started a GUI room editor, just to see how much work was involved:

    Fun tool to make so far! At the moment, placing 'terrain' (wall, floor, water etc.) tiles in the grid simultaneously updates the ASCII in the edit boxes, so it's quite easy to make basic room shapes. Monster & trap names, coordinates etc. are also being exported. I just need to add "Decor" tiles - statues, tapestries etc. I've been trying to glean info from the rooms.dat and rooms.xml files but it's not fully documented. What are "@", "^", "P" for example? I might not even be saving the right stuff, lol. Anyway, I'll keep poking about! I thought you guys would have had an in house Dungeon Editor type toolkit thingy?
  14. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    @rmuk : When rooms are assigned a random name, some names are associated with decoration graphics. I believe these are defined in text.xml somewhere. These come in three categories:
    - statues : @ (freestanding "blockers")
    - paintings: P (appears on a wall; the P acts like a '#')
    - engravings: ^ (drawn over floor tile; acts like a '.')

    Also 'X' designates a floor tile that is impassible. Used to make certain blockers block more than their footprint tile and generally confuses the player.

    I *did* make a tiny program to convert pngs to rooms so I could draw layouts in Photoshop, but it wasn't super useful. I just didn't have the time to really work on it, but looking back over the amount of work I had to do on the rooms, it would probably have been a good idea. Likewise from Nicholas' angle; there was a lot of investment we should have put into tools that would have ultimately saved time but we just wanted to get the game done.
  15. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    ... Again, very nice. Sexy, even.

    For mod support: what we will be doing is just putting everything in its own little copy of a mod, in a zip file. So if you have a new item, you will edit it:

    <item name="foo">...</item>

    and that will go in an itemDB.xml that is associated with your mod. Same with the rooms, monsters, blah. Then everything goes in its own little localized directory structure, which all goes into a zip file (which is the way the mod is thrown around.)

    I am thinking I need to get on finishing this sooner, rather than later. *sigh*
  16. Brodyzera

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    Is there any way to "uninstall" the items you create? Do I just have to simply go into the game folder, find the file, and delete it? If not you should add an uninstaller. :p
  17. rmuk

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    @Brodyzera - Not at the moment, but that's definitely something I hope to add when the editors are finished. At the moment the items are added to the main "itemsDB.xml" file, which works fine - but at some point, this will probably be redone so that items are created in their own Mod folders, but I'm waiting 'til the modding file/directory structure is confirmed.

    On another note: Big update!

    "Lootfrisk" is now available! This application allows users to share their custom DoD items with each other by adding them to / downloading them from an online item database. An early beta has been put together for everyone to try out. The database runs on a free hosting service at the moment, so don't expect great things - both performance & stability wise. But depending on how this concept works out, I'll look into setting up something more secure & stable.

    "Lootfrisk" has only been tested on my own system, so I'd appreciate a few more peeps (who don't mind the risk of their computers imploding) to do some testing. I don't use firewalls etc. so I'd be interested in hearing if the folks who do use firewalls & such experience any problems with downloading/uploading items. Please excuse the fugly interface :(

    Also, "Dreditor" - the DoD room editor is nearing completion. It exports room layouts & monster positions for now... About 70% done. Just need to get the rest of the tiles in and tie them in with the exporter, set flags and tidy/finish up the interface. You can't actually play your levels at the moment, but you CAN design awesome little maps consisting of 16x16 sprites, and that's what counts.

    First post updated w/ screens & download links.
  18. Helix Mantis

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    I'm giving this a test run right now, ill post my results later. I have to say, if this works the way I'm hoping it does, you sir, are a hero. Looks promising!
  19. rmuk

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    Lol, here's hoping, Helix! Is that your Wizzard Hat by any chance? If so, I believe you're the first person to add an item to the database :D (excluding the test items I put up :p)
  20. fishofmuu

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    @rmuk I fiddled with it a bit, but I'm not going to get heavily into making items when there's a patch coming up that is supposedly going to change a lot of the items. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking this, so expect to see a lot more once 1.04 hits (and more people know these tools exist).