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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Essence, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Essence

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    Hey, y'all,

    I thought my Poisoneer skill was all said and done, but it turns out I'm wrong. I was certain that this:

    would create a throwing dart that consistently poisoned it's victims, but it's just not happening. The dart hits, damage is dealt, but no poison effect ever occurs. I know that the Rockburst effect on the Axekeytar is functional, but this one is just not going.

    Is that because procs on thrown weapons are still broken, or is there a problem with my code somewhere?


  2. J-Factor

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    <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="100" name="Mild Poison" />
    This isn't the right tag for items. It's only for spells and skills (as it applies to the player).

    Base your item on one of the existing items. Example:

    <item name="Acid Ampoule Bolt" iconFile="items/bolt_acid.png" level="4" type="6">
        <price amount="180"/>
        <weapon slashing="1" hit="Acid Burn"/>
        <description text="Acid: Make a splash!"/>
    That applies the "Acid Burn" effect to the target that is hit.
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  3. Essence

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    Except that it's the code that the Axetar and the Axekeytar use. But you're right, this works:

    Brilliant, J-F. Thank you!! :)
  4. dbaumgart

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    I'm pretty sure that the Axetar and Axekeytar do not actually fire their spell effects right now. The ability for a weapon to fire a defined spell on-hit is slated for the expansion code upgrades though.