Is it possible to have a templated spell only work when there's a monsters on a target square?

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    EDIT: monster* in the title.

    Basically, I want both type="targetmonster" and type="template" in one.

    I couldn't think of any spells or abilities in the game that do this, but I dug through all the spellDB.xml files any way, but I didn't find anything. I wouldn't put it past myself to miss something if it were there, though, so I figured I'd ask.

    The spell I'm working on damages enemies in a line, with some fancy sprites (pretty much like Dragon's Breath), and then teleports the player to the end of the effect. I'm not too worried about the damage being applied to "nothing" if there isn't a monster on any of the squares, but the teleport is only supposed to be a gap-closer towards enemies, not a free teleport whenever you want one.

    I've tried working around it, buffing the player with a dummy buff when an enemy is hit, and only teleporting if the player has the buff (which still makes sense to me, when I type it out), but I can't get it to work.
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