inventory solution: a "pit" where items can be dumped to instantly sell

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    I've done about a dozen games (a combination of GR and DM) now and cant say I have ever bought an item from a shop to use (though have to open up a podium). While I happily get to level 10+ in most cases still.

    So I tend to be less than worried about scrounging for shop items at the low end of the game.

    Though I would like to see the tabs idea (or craftables storage bags).

    As to the Skyrim comment, its likely a bit unfair on the whole as Skyrim has a horrible inventory management interface. A good interface makes a huge difference.
  2. Maybe like lutfisk there could be an item you could find or buy that allows you to instantly sell items, possibly at a lower rate than hauling them to the shop of course?
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    I suggested this idea on page 2. :)
    If you want, I'll repost it here.
    The gist is basically a wand that allows you to zap it on a pile of items and grant you money for less than what you would get from Brax.
    Oddly, on Going Rogue, I would probably have to make it give you double what Brax normally gives you, to make it worthwhile at all, considering how little money he gives you for items compared to even Dwarvish Moderation.
  4. I was thinking more a box you could have open rather than a wand you would constantly have to grab. And making it double what the shop gives you defeats the purpose, that makes it easier and gives you more money... Besides you're going rogue for a reason, to make it harder right.
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    I should clarify, what I mean by selling for double, I mean double what Brax normally buys for on that difficulty.
    Which on Going Rogue, is 23% of what it's value is.
    On Dwarfish Moderation it's 43%, and on Elvish Easy, it's 63%.
    The fact remains, he sells things for 243% of what they're worth on Going Rogue.

    And the wands in my suggestion would be mostly common. Though, you do make a good point. Mine would possibly be easier to code. Then again, I don't know how coding in this game works.

    So, refined numbers in my idea.
    90% of the item's difficulty adjusted sell value on Elvish Easy
    95% of the item's difficulty adjusted sell value on Dwarvish Moderation
    140% of the item's difficulty adjusted sell value on Going Rogue.
    There, balanced, because even with 40% extra value, it's no where close to selling the price on Dwarvish Moderation.
    This also rewards people for playing on Going Rogue, and why would it be a bad thing to reward people for playing on the Hardest difficulty? Lots of games do that. :)
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    Actually, I don't think you would be able to make it like that.
    You see, everything with item selling starts with the base value. And then is simply decreased by about 40/60/80%, depending on which difficulty you are playing. And there are no in-game hooks for the difficulty.
    Thus, unless you have powers of some god of hacking, you'd only be able to modify the basic value.

    Still, if you did set the price to something like 30% of the base value, it would be almost a 50% improvement in the price for people playing on GR.
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    Oh. Okay. :(
    Well, my idea won't work. Even though it does seem good in theory, wands that give you zorkmids for casting it on items.
    Oh, well.
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    I really like the Junk Bag idea. You effectively have infinite inventory size for junk you want to sell, but you can't access any of it once you put it in the bag. You also don't get the money until you visit Brax. Unlike selling directly from inventory, you won't have the money immediately for use in vending machines. Buying from vending machines in a pinch is the only real advantage selling from inventory would have given you. (I think even that is a very minor advantage, but perhaps less minor than the advantage gained by not having to run around to collect piles of loot.) So this idea removes all the tedium of managing your junk inventory without rewarding you until you do finally go see Brax.

    I could envision it being a lot like the Horadric Lutefisk Cube. It'd be a single-slot container in which you drop items and they disappear immediately. The game internally keeps track of the sale value of each item and as soon as you walk into a store the game sells everything and tells you how much money you made.

    For people worried about Brax's relevance in the game, that wouldn't change.
  9. Legend

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    The archaeology skill already has this ability. If it were available to every game, it would make that skill redundant.
  10. Glazed

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    The Archaeology skill turns only artifacts into XP. It's only similarity is that it removes an item in a way other than selling it to Brax. That skill would in no way become obsolete if selling items from inventory for zorkmids becomes an options. XP is often much better than Zorkmids.
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    I would be completely happy with this Junk Bag. Shift+ left click could instantly put an item in the junk bag (which an option to turn in off in the menu). When you go to Brax it could auto sell everything in the bag.

    Archaeology has no skill what so ever to sell items. It only has the ability to change artifacts into XP which is completely different than what the suggest junk bag would do.
  12. Glazed

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    I suppose it could, yes, but Shift-Click is currently "drop item". I don't think it'd be good to mess with this. If an option controlled what the button did it'd be fine, I guess. However, I'd also be OK with it working identically to the Lutefisk Cube which requires a click-and-drop.
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    Oops I completely forgot it doesn't that outside of shops (which is silly because I use it all the time).
  14. Legend

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    Oh. Sorry. I could have sworn it let you change items into money not xp.

    Obviously, I don't pick archaeology much.