inventory solution: a "pit" where items can be dumped to instantly sell

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    Oh, dear, I made a typo. I meant Zorkmids there, not gold.
    No wonder you wanted them not to turn into gold.
    Yeah, I just meant their value in zorkmids there. Silly me.
  2. Oh, well then I agree it would be usefull
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    I would prefer the ability to sell to Brax at 100% sell value at any time, but that ability only unlocks after you meet Brax for the first time.
  4. Not sure how useful that is I doubt your gunna find much in worth by the time of your first floor meeting of him you might but you can allways hold onto it and sell it later if you feel your being jipped. The problem where talking about is the massive amounts of objects in your inventory if you say collect everything you see there's not going to be enough room and its a pain to have to look for Brax or backtrack every floor to get to him. Especially because a lot of things in your inventory maybe craftable or edible you might want to store 3/4 of your stuff not leaving you with much in the way of free-b's.
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    I'm saying I want the ability to sell my items for 100% value by holding shift and click on an item in my inventory (like how you do in shops) anywhere on the map, so I don't have to walk back to Brax. Then I also saying Brax could unlock your ability to do this the first time you meet him and this is purely for flavor.
  6. That removes the element of having to find him every time though which they probably wont ever do because it adds to the strategy of the game best you could hope for is a substitute the suggestions we are making
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    That is the argument I have been trying to make in my first 2 post in this thread. In my opinion selling to Brax is not a "strategy". Once you have found Brax store once than I can easily walk to store again no problem, other than I find it extremely boring. That is not a strategy, it does not add depth, it is not a choice, it is boring. To me walking to brax is the same as an MMORPG says "kill said monster x amount times", it is nothing more than a boring grind. I don't feel that walking to Brax helps the game's gameplay in any way shape or form period. I want it removed from the game.
  8. Well unfortunately this game is grind heavy grinding is part of the game without it well you wouldn't have leveling up and ect. just by knowing this game is a dungeon crawler you can exspect grinding and things of the nature so because of the genre I would say finding Brax is a feature not so much of a chore now if you were saying that going back and forth for inventory items yeah I agree that could be less to a degree but there still needs to be the challenge of finding things ect.
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    Here is what Jeff Vogel (the founder of spiderweb software) has to say on similar issue with Skyrim's "inventory management"

    I Need To Drop Three Pounds Of Gloves So That I Can Walk Again

    Of course, like everyone else in the world, our house has Skyrim -fever. As you may have heard, it's a good game.But, like all RPGs Bethesda makes, you spend sooooo much time sorting through items. Looting the dungeons takes ten times longer than killing the monsters within. And you can only carry so many pounds of treasure. So every item you find requires tiresome "Is this hide shield worth enough money to justify the weight. OK. It weighs eight pounds and is worth 20 coins, or 2.5 coins per pound, so that is an efficient piece of treasure to pick up and ... AHHHH. MY BRAINS!!!!!" And then you pick up one suit of armor too many and you have to drop two pounds of stuff so you go through your pack to find something top drop and ...

    Does anyone ever find this fun?

    This is one of those things that gets hardcore gamerz mad at me, but screw realism. In my newest games, I give the player a Junk Bag. You can put infinite items in it, their weight isn't counted, and, when you reach a store, you can push a button to sell everything in it.

    This is great for people who find even the awesome Dog Takes Your Stuff Back To Town To Sell It
    system in Torchlight too taxing.

    It's the opposite of realism, and I really don't care. When I design a game, the first thing I do is decide what I want the player to spend most of his/her time doing. Hopefully, that part is where the fun is. The second thing I do is minimize time spent doing absolutely everything else.

    If I can keep even one player from spending a hour picking through his or her backpack and trying to shed those three extra pounds, I have done my good work as a citizen of the Earth.
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    Vogel is always right.

    Seriously, I don't think I enjoyed any RPG more than I enjoyed the Exile games back in the day. I haven't played Geneforge or some of the later Avernum games, mainly for lack of time. But his post point is 100% correct.

    Most people in this thread aren't arguing with the idea, just that it's already been implemented by the Lutefisk cube. Really, both the Lutefisk god and Brax are about equal in power. They just don't feel that way (and there also needs to be more LFG on levels 11-15). Having huge stacks of cash feels more awesome to the player, but ultimately you don't usually do much with your cash after your second million Z. Unless you want the Crownstar. A stack of fisk, however, can net you some really sweet gear later on. Sure, it's not Evil Chest or Uber Chest gear, but having that many more chances to get gear that fits your build is always nice.

    So the real question is, does Gaslamp want to give you the easy button or keep pushing you to use the subtle but possibly more powerful HLC? That's a question for the devs to hammer out. Personally, I'm fine with either possible outcome. It's not likely to change my gameplay much...
  11. To counter such a post that game is a horrible example there are billions of items in it you can exspect a limit before you even buy it with the magnitude of the game I don't think its possible to have such a system included and it didn't mention being able to sell everything everywhere in the game a better example of a game that just beats down inventory systems is resident evil with such low ammount of carry space 40% of the game is back tracking to shift through your items
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    Speaking of chores, your posts are a chore to read because you don't use any punctuation. :) Just thought I'd let you know that it's a bother. It makes me not want to read them, which is unfortunate because you seem to be saying things worth reading.
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    There are politer ways of saying that without resulting to attacks.
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    Personally I'd like to see tabbed bags. One tab for normal items, one for consumables and one for crafting.
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    That would be awesome.
  16. Agr
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    It was a self-defense reflex after being attacked by run-ons. I didn't think it out. I still don't really see it as an attack. It was just an honest statement of how I felt about his posts. I even told him I thought his posts appeared worth reading. Would it help if I added a smiley? Yeah, I'll added a smiley.
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    Would be such a time saver deciding which craft items to save and which to scrap.
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    I'm on level 2 and I needed to go back and pick up three piles of loot that I had made, scattered over half the dungeon. It took me three trips back and forth to the store. Know what I encountered? A single Enraged Diggle. Then I made two more piles and wanted to go retrieve those, as well. I encountered a Batty and a Deth. Three whole monsters while retrieving 5 piles of loot. If that's not "no risk" then I don't know what is.

    You only need money in early dungeon levels because as you go deeper, the odds of a store having better items than you get from evil chest, quests, lutefisk shrines, etc., gets smaller and smaller. There are no corrupting monsters in early levels. In addition, if you can't deal with one lone Magic Golem or whatever, then... I don't know what to say.

    Having a sell from inventory feature would have saved me 5 minutes of my life, and wouldn't have made the game any easier for me.

    Now I have 36,000 Zorkmids and I can go back to level one to buy a Mace of Windu. :cool:
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    I think the Skyrim article expresses pretty well how I feel about item weights.The same may be said for inventory space in Dredmor...

    Also, I think part of the issue here may be that people who play different difficulties are speaking from different experiences. In DM, Zorkmids are rarely short. But in GR....that is a very different story. Selling everything that you can in Going Rogue is pretty much mandatory if you want the greatest survivability in terms of good items, ammo, food, drinks, etc. I often find myself not having enough Zorks to get what I want, ever.