Indirect nerf of crafting

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Heartnet, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Heartnet

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    With the addition of encrusts there are so many recipes that i have tried to get to DL 3 and not get a single useful recipe and this was with Alien autopsy and i have tried more then once so for me crafting is dead since CotW simply too many recipes too much rng
  2. SkyMuffin

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    That's a good point. People have brought up this issue before-- the more recipes you add, the harder it becomes to get what you need. A few solutions have been suggested (like using different odds to slant towards the crafting you have, etc), but nothing has been changed so far...
  3. DuckAndCower

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    More bookcases! Free recipes when leveling crafting skills! Or go back to ye olde crafting system!
  4. Createx

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    Ye olde crafting system was worse because you simply had all recipes all the time. With the buff to crafting that is Wizardlands, that would be imba.
  5. Haldurson

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    There's an alternate way of getting more recipes if you want to make a crafting-centric build -- take and build up your Paranormal Investigator skill to Alien Autopsy.
  6. Chainlinc3

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    It doesn't matter how many recipes there are, what matters is the distribution. As long as X% of all recipes are axes, and Y% of THOSE are of whatever quality, then you have the same chance of getting a good recipe for an axe. Encrusts actually give you MORE crafting usefulness, because a weapon encrust can apply to ANY weapon, an armor encrust can apply to ANY armor, etc-- whereas an axe-wielder of getting a recipe for an mace has absolutely nothing to use it for, an encrust can be used by anyone.
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  7. TheKirkUnited

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    I tend to agree with Chainlinc3 on this one. More recipes means more usefulness for crafting, not the opposite. Just because you can't get the one recipe you want doesn't render every other recipe useless.

    With crusting, crafting is better than ever before.


    I agree that found recipes need to follow something smarter than just a uniform random distribution. Playing with Roguish Renovation under the current system, the bookshelves give me way too many Obsidian/Dragonskull recipes. Even restricting each set of eligible recipes to (required level <= current level + 2) would be enough.
  9. Heartnet

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    I am not looking for ONE specific recipe But getting only encrusts and bolts and wands and almost only getting encrust from wand making is just useless it is nice to see that they are trying to give wand crafting a purpose but i still think they should increase the chance of getting a recipe from your chosen skill then completely random there are simply too many recipes for completely random.

    and please read the post before you bitch i did'n say that encrust was a bad idea i simply said that with the addition of encrust there are too many recipes.

    I actually like encrusts but it would be nice to put them on a stronger weapon also instead of being forced to use them on a weak weapon
  10. Shwqa

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    There are a lot more bookcases in this new expansion. But if you couldn't find a blank bookcase until you found all the recipes in the game then I would be much happier.
  11. Kazeto

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    Stop for a moment and think before you hit the "Post Reply" button, Heartnet. TheKirkUnited was not "bitching", he was merely stating his opinion, and he is entitled to it as much as you are to your opinion, so calling his post "bitching" while none of the other people here called your post with such names is, to put it nicely, inelegant.

    As Chainlinc3 has said (and with which TheKirkUnited agreed, in the very same post of his the content of which you called "bitching"), what matters is the distribution - for as long as the ratio of recipes of certain type and quality remains the same, the problem isn't there because you will get something useful. And here, encrusts do add more recipes useful for every character that can craft them, but with just one prerequisite of that - there have to be things you are willing to encrust with them.

    What is happening in your case is that you are merely very unlucky. That could have happened even without encrusting recipes, I give you a guarantee on that. So while I do agree that something has to be done so that we would be able to get more recipes during our games, I disagree with your opinion that encrusts are a nerf of crafting, because they aren't one. If you want to complain about the random number generator being unfair towards you, then by all means we do agree with you, because what is happening with the random number generator in your playthrough is not fair.
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  12. Haldurson

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    Personally, I see this as a good thing, because it means that instead of a formulaic equipment build, you have to adapt to what is available, and the encrustments merely make what's available more useful. In other words, you have more options, instead of the standard formulaic ones.
  13. Mr_Strange

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    I think this would do a lot to improve things. Right now every bookcase is a random recipe - so you get lots of duplicates, which then become "blank" bookcases. If, instead, every bookcase you grabbed gave you a random recipe you didn't already know... that would be better.

    It would open up some save//load abuse. But who cares what people with save game do in single player?
  14. Heartnet

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    The reason why the rng is is so annoying is because it has to many choices and nothing to guide it, it simply just slaps the first think that comes to its mind in your face.

    and the the reason i was being Grumpy with TheKirkUnited is "Just because you can't get the one recipe you want doesn't render every other recipe useless." this

    And again there is nothing wrong with the encrusts as long as you can use them but either i am unlucky or the game is trying to tell me something with all these wand crafting encrutsments because it seems to favor them over every thing
  15. Kazeto

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    You are unlucky. To get a run where none of your recipes ever are useful ones is very unlikely, so much that if it was a human rolling dice instead people would've already shot him; I can say for certain that I never had a run with crafting skills where I got no useful recipes (and I never particularly cared about wands until the deeper parts of the dungeon). If not for the fact that it's not sentient, we would be able to say that the RNG is actively trying to kill you, SHODAN style.
  16. Wootah

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    I actually think that the game is more roguelike because you cannot pick a build that is dependent on some weapon that is craftable and be sure you will ever get the recipe. That is kind of like counting on a drop.

    I do think that they should tweak it so that you get fewer dud bookshelves. That or maybe making it possible to get multiple recipes from a shelf, and then repeats wouldn't be as big a deal.
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  17. TheKirkUnited

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    I honestly think that there are enough default recipes that if I never got a recipe out of a bookcase EVER, I would still be justified in picking up a crafting skill. Would I miss the delicious level 7 recipes? Of course. Would I mourn the loss of fantastic lower level potions? You bet. Would I regret picking a crafting skill? Nope.

    So I have no problem with the way bookcases are currently handled. It seems rather generous if anything.
  18. Heartnet

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    Sadly i am almost always reliant on crafting because i am not very luck with drops and shops so from a starting point with no new secret recipes, encrusts plus fine steel would help a lot now i just gotta get that coal...
  19. TheKirkUnited

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    I tend to run smithing with any melee character I play, so I know finding reagents can be tricky in the early game. Hang in there.
  20. Heartnet

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    *Sarcasm* I found the solution to the problem You simply take ALL the crafting skills and use perception to get martial's*sarcasm end* but seriously that i what i am trying right now and when you have gotten a couple of lv's it is actually doable and there is nothing you can't do