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  1. Kyrie

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    So I was cleaning of codes I have found on the second floor on this run and them I found a breakable wall yay!


    But wait... this place is strangely... familiar... OH MY GOD!


    Don't you say! Gaslamp never told me that the interdimensonal gnomes had big eyebrows huh.

    And I tried to do the ultimate inception using the teleport machine...


    But It didn't work... but still I'm like this:


    And I need to say that:

    Wizardlands - Pretty Smart
    Dr. Who References - Pretty Fucking Smart
    Pocket Dimension inside "pocket dimension"

  2. Nikolai

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    One on half, I'm upset this was spoiled for me.

    Then again, I don't find breakable walls very often, so I doubt I ever would've found this.

    This is pretty great.
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