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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    • added disturbance tooltip
    • balance: Bricabrac Prices of certain wall modules have increased in preparation for Things
    • FIXED: bandits now make better decisions when placing tents
    • FIXED: foreign_relations_correction would correct in wrong direction in certain cases
    • FIXED: public house will correct booze count when drinks are used up
    • FIXED: a few more bugs with flattening terrain not rebuilding everything correctly
    • FIXED: regenerate all height map passability when loading a new game
    • FIXED: a bunch of incorrect recipes including Vacuum Chamber
    • FIXED: Wine Recipe + Made it available on Mechanical Brewing Vats
    • FIXED: bug with emotion values in workshop QoL effects
    • FIXED: upkeep display on airship mast
    • FIXED: a bunch of typos
    • FIXED: spice rack / hanging pots quality
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    (Note that this was pushed to the default branch as well as the experimental. Despite the compatibility warning all your old saves should be fine.)
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  3. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Disturbance tooltip! Nice!

    Any discussion of bringing the high zoom back for those of us getting uncomfortable or motion sick from low altitude scrolling? Just curious if there's a possibility.
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  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    We are currently trying to figure out *why* people are getting motion sickness. It's a little trickier than you might think....
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  5. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Member

    It's almost certainly because of field of view. Especially if they were used to the old zoom levels at their chosen resolutions, it suddenly seems much smaller, much *closer* to the brain, and as such, zooming/panning about at the same speed as they did before on the larger zoom sizes means that there is much more actual motion on the screen going on, throwing up queasiness flags.

    (Also, I just realized I a.) already had a GLG forum account and b.) hooray, hooray, you're using XenForo instead of vBulletin.)

    On the subject of BAB, please consider down-adjusting the general cost of BAB to be closer to the Ceramica and up-adjusting the resulting BAB from the Carpentry. The glass-derived BAB is 1 sand for 4 glass for 3 BAB, which is two work actions in a chain one has good reason to keep running anyways both for trade value, construction and science.

    Iron BAB is 3 hematite to 1 iron bar to 4 BAB, which, while impossibly expensive early on, becomes much less of an issue with a Hematite mine operated by a full workcrew and a Metalworks with the tier 2 smelter.

    In comparison, 2 logs to 4 planks to 1 BAB is 5 work actions (or 5 logs for 10 planks into 3 BAB in 5 work actions with the advanced workbench) using an irreplenishable resource (larch farms aren't economically viable) on one of the most critical and heavily used resources in the game.

    Especially early-game, when we *need* it, non-sand BAB is just not viable in terms of worktime investment, which is a shame.
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  6. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    I am a HUGE sufferer of motion sickness...It is very tricky...for me I need a zoomed out game or I will get sick. One of the perks is your game had the right scroll speed and the right zoom it didn't bother me. The zoom out really needs to be put back for us with motion sickness (not a demand but more of a beg). I have very limited amounts of games that are "safe" and the zoom thing is bothering me...I can't really play that zoomed in. I always played zoomed out and would only zoom in if I had to place something small...

    As a long time sufferer...I have a special monitor designed for people like me...I really am concerned about it. Motion sick is triggered in the brain, not just the eyes. There are even different types of motion sickness. In my case even little tweaks can ruin a game for me. It has in the past...I have yet to be able to play one of my games that I loved because they tweaked the camera to a point where I can't even be on for 5 minutes. I digress, putting the zoom back to where it was initially at, for those of us that LOVE the game and can't play because of the zoom would be absolutely lovely of you guys.
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  7. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Broadly speaking, I think the enforced closer zoom means players are zooming around faster over a smaller viewing area, and that combination of scroll speed and viewing area is affecting people prone to motion sickness. Reducing scroll speed might help, but I don't think that's a good general solution.

    I find first-person perspective games often make me queasy, depending on a number of factors: ambient light in my room, the darkness of the game, the speed of motion, framerate, and probably other factors. Certain games, like Viscera Cleanup Detail and Subnautica make me very nauseous very quickly. In both those cases, it helps somewhat to turn on in-game reticles so my eyes have something static to focus on. Fortunately, this is generally not a problem for me in games with a top-down or isometric view.
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  8. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    I prefer the zoomed out view myself, too. Gives it more of a god game vibe, that I like.
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  9. OddProphet

    OddProphet Member

    Are we ever going to hear about Nicholas' Adventures with Maritime Law?
  10. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Member

    Just had an Invasion, got a squad of Government Redcoats - they still aren't going away properly :(

    edit: Same invasion, vicar colonist got stuck on "Burial" job, tried unassigning them from Vicaryness and cancelling the job in the queue, no dice. WAiting for her to starve to death now so I can bury the corpse and get a new overseer.

    edit2 the editing: Steamknight workshop modules are available for construction in an Advanced Workbench placed in a Metalworks - but only in batches of 5. 40 pipes and plates at a time, egads.
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  11. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    Failing hard drive currently means no direct experience with the new zoom level. That may not be such a bad thing.
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  12. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    It isn't a -new- zoom level, it's one we had all along... those of us who didn't zoom out all the way always are quite familiar with it :)
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  13. I had a really advanced colony in the BETA 44, and I was accumulating resources with the precise intent of building those modules (or to find out they can't be built just in the same way I had problem with the vacuum chamber). In the end the update came before I had the time to accomplish the project... Did you get that far enough to test if they can actually be built?
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  14. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Member

    Persistent Crash Issue:

    Demolishing Housing if the new cap is below current pop sometimes - not reliably replicably - crashes the game.

    I'm currently rebuilding my entire colony from the ground up now that I've entered the resource-rich zone, so it's going to be a while before I have the worktime to spare for trying that. (But even if I could build them, they would probably crash the game; and besides, there's no actual facility to put them into.)
  15. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    But I used all the zoom levels very frequently. Lower ones were great for building, enjoying fun details, animations and events. Just not so good for navigating - it's slow and inefficient... also makes my lunch start punching my stomach after awhile.:(
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  16. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    Speed is for sure a factor....but it's just too close...I didn't have trouble with the speed...when the old zoom was in effect. I need a wider area, so I'm not constantly seeing brain can't process it.

    Yeah first person for me is out. As well as some third person...if there is jumps or terrain isn't flat and it messes with the camera needs to be static for me...or very close to it. I used to play Guild Wars 2 until they revamped their camera and now I get sick and we've been tweaking and trying for months to get me to be able to play. So far, everything has failed...and that is using every trick in the book. The peanut gallery knows a lot about what they call Simulator Sickness...which is basically motion sickness, he sells TV's and stuff for a living...I'm a guinea pig of sorts, so he can help his clients. A lot of it is speed and how close you get to the ground...with all the motion I can't do it...I get sick...

    @Unforked I was able to use all the zoom levels, except the very very zoomed in ones...I agree with you as well. While I probably don't use the zoom as much as you, I did like having the option when something was tricky to tag as your own, or to place in a was nice to be able to zoom in and get it just right...other than that...zoom out all the way....and no motion can't play.

    For us motion sick people we need to be able to have a safe zoomed out spot (like it was before) so that our brains' and eyes' are not constantly being bombarded with movement and not everyone has an awesome Rig for framerates and/or a special monitor...With the special monitor and my framerates higher than 60 I still get motion sick and I'm pretty sure it's because there is constant motion at too zoomed in of a level which will cause motion sick every single time. When it's not as in your face it isn't an issue...because you have a lot of ground that doesn't move...allowing your brain and eyes to take it in and process it properly.
  17. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Things Not Meant To Be Seen (in low zoom).

    I must say though, it would be nice to get a superscreenshot of the colony, there's something about the way it's rendered that makes trying to stich together parts oddly alloying (it never looks right when I tried it before)
  18. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    BTW people with sick-feelings: in the short-term you should be able to change scroll speed via the Clockwork Empires config.xml file, just find the line:

    <entry key="keyboard_map_scroll_speed" type="int" value="90" />

    And make it whatever you want.

    1. Still? (Was this reported before?) Logged this now as OC-5691.

    2. Can you send a savegame file with the Vicar stuck on burial either attached to a comment here or to contact AT ?

    Logged as OC-5692, will try to repro it. Is anyone else noticing problems with demolition of houses? I know there are a couple weird UI issues while demolition is in progress for certain buildings ...
  19. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Member

    I'll have to see if I even *have* a save from that point, it was some considerable playtime ago (she did starve to death and I got a replacement.)

    Actually, it's not even if the new cap is below the current pop cap, it just crashes the game something fierce.

    I can't repro it reliably which is what drives me mad.
  20. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    @dbaumgart Thanks for that's not just the's the not being able to escape the constant movement being that close to the colony. =( Good temporary fix for some...most assuredly...for me that won't help...I know my motion sickness all too well. I do thank you for taking it is very sad for a gamer to see all the awesome games...and this one is my favourite...and not be able to play because you get sick... :oops:
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