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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Ratha, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Its starting to look like the forums have gone silent. Devs stopped the new user registration while they attempt to tackle the current user problems which include usernames not being displayed for their posts. But if im not mistaken there may also be an issue with users being unable to login to post. A migration of the forum software might also be in progress, not entirely sure. Dont know how many of us still have post privileges or can login, and the Admins are being a bit quiet, but thought since nothing else is going on that we could get a list of people who can still login and post going. Might help track down the problem, and if not, hey its something to do. Lets get some sort of discussion going?
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    There's not a lot worth talking about, really, until the new patch is out.
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    Well, we could get a topic going about what you guys think about how the Dev team has handled the launch of Dredmor. Perhaps get some opinions on what they are doing right or wrong, what things they could improve upon, constructive sorts of criticisms, or simply praise for the things they have gotten right? I have a few opinions but would like to hear what other people are thinking.
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    Dosnt seem that anyone out there reading has much interest in throwing up an opinion, so ill put mine out there:

    So far the response from the Dev team has been pretty good considering what has come up. Im highly impressed with how they have handled the issues and challenges facing them after launch. More than that, they engaged their core audience even before the game was released by allowing a few youtube personalities the ability to beta test.

    The team seems to be fairly engaged with the community on various levels. The mostly frequent news updates are a very welcome touch for those of us wondering what the team is up to between and during the process. While i would love to see one every day for the next month or two, thats highly unlikely, and probably not feasible.

    I dont have a twitter account, but being able to follow whats happening with them on their twitter.. it allows us as players to feel connected to the developers in a way which most of the big corporations simply have little if any interest in doing. Now if they would only learn to quote all of the twitter posts that they are replying to so we dont have to try and hunt down to find out what their posts mean or are in reference to... :p

    Dredmor will probably turn out to be a huge learning experience for the Dev team, and i really hope that when all is said and done that it has been a very worthwhile and successful one for them. They've had a few mishaps along the way, but that happens with every team. Its how they have responded that impresses me.

    When i first saw the game back on TIGSource 4-8 months before its release, i was very unimpressed. It looked fairly generic and boring. The trailers didnt do much to sway me at the time. It wasnt until PaulSoaresJr did his test drive that my interest in the title picked up.

    I became infatuated with the pre-launch process, and all the exciting things that were going on.. and im still hoping that they post that article about how they came to decide on pricing. (Is that still in the works, or did i miss it somehow?) Hope to see more articles which describe how the whole experience has been and what the Dev teams thoughts are on the whole process.

    In the end, Dredmor is a great game released by a rather well engaged team. Its not a game that keeps throwing new surprises at you (from what ive seen) but it fits well in the little niche that its carved out. Its got just enough lure for a roguelike fan to give it a try, and its also accessible for people not familiar with the roguelike but who have some experience with RPGs. And its supported by a team of people who seem to enjoy what they do, and enjoy interacting with their fans. They struck a fairly sweet spot in the market i think, lets hope this serves em as a launch platform for future products.
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    Yeah they are quick about fixing my forum account too.
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    All things considered, I think the devs are great. :)