I'm not entirely sure how to play a Rogue.

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    If I could ever find that bloody Gem I would Cap the Rogue Scientist skill instantly. With 2 wandcrafting you can smith Bolts of Mass Destruction so much easier by having a source of Fiery wands. Unfortunately, until I can get the ingrediants to make fiery wants it is rather pointless to level that skill. As is though I have like 5 BoMD and like 8 squidbolts...so I'm on the right track I think. I faced down an Arch Diggle for the first time...man those things are scary, they can just about two shot me.

    Oh, Encrusting is broken as all hell, I have a super Krong'd Clockwork dagger and I will be making a large update after I get done playing tonight.

    EDIT: Welp, I've gone from floor 6 to 10 tonight, I lost that Krong'd dagger to an over-encrust which caused me to lose 10 max life per stack, which kind of blew. I lost a traingular dagger to a massive tentactular encrust, and I'm currently working on a very nice dagger...but I'm out of replacements for it an if it gets too corrupted I'm screwed. Fortunately it scales off my stats, does good damage, but still a problem. Krong has been a touch evil but I've got a good set up. I'm set for healing items, but I'm starting to hurt in the bolt department. Hopefully I can make my way through the last 5 floors to Dremor himself.

    Floor 10 Zoo sucked, I had to burn a BoMD and a Bolt of Squid on that thing, and it's only because I managed to get the blade wall and some nice equipment that I didn't die. I hit 1hp point but managed to Spacial out, invis, and heal up.

    Half-way through floor 10, but with the Zoo complete it's all just semantics from here. I'm hoping to find more ores, ingots, and perhaps a few rubies so I can encrust my newest helm with global positioning.

    Looking solid, I've started leveling alchemy as I only have Perception and Psyonics left...oh and the rogue scientist capstone for when I want to make a few more bolts of mass destruction.

    Oh, and I got The Dungeons Collapsed, fortunately my save was safe but the game did crash on me. Oh well, at least I only lost like a minute.
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    Welp, I made it to floor 12...or is it 13. Either way I hit a bug, which kind of sucked. I lost my inventory when the game crashed. I'm not sure if this is common or if it happened because I installed the latest version of complete essential skills with the slightly buggy gangnam style. Either way, I lost my inventory.

    However, I had 140 health potions on my hotbar, enough materials in my pocket dimension to make up for the lost bolts, and I've had enough money to make everything back...if I can just find it. I lost 7 holy hand grenades, I lost 54 clockwork saw blades, all of my rockbolts, 8 squid bolts, 8 BoMD, all 13 of my lively regeration potions, and all of my omelets, sandwiches, and food.

    However, I've remade my BoMD thanks to the Capstone of the Rogue Scientist, and I've hunted down food...still it hurt a fair bit.

    However, I'm pretty ridiculious, and I'll take a screenshot for next update.

    Welp, back too it. Good luck fellow adventurers. May your dungeons never collapse.
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    Welp, we will see how this goes, floor 15. I have screenshots for you all, but let me first put down some honorable mentions to what got me this far, my loot.

    So, here is hoping for hall of fame status for:
    Chrnu, the Charitable Eye: My trust dark mirror shield has carried me since floor 8
    Encrusted Daemonic Diggle Skull Helm: Because everything needs GPS on it
    Bitarpu, the Scuttling Shibboleth: Digglish torment!
    Chrfrocra, the Incarnation of Lusts: More Digglish torment!
    Nauum, the Incarnation of Lords: My Ulmish armor
    Llwegortwe, the Exulation of Galxies: Because nothing is better on rogues than regal belts
    Fogor, the Festering Elk: Can't touch these
    Wkwen, the Father of Anvils: Stiletto boots are best boots
    Time Lord Scarf: Because it wouldn't get it's own name no matter how much I krong'd it
    Movicarion Bushdagger: All of the infinite cuts!
    Encrusted Mittens of the Hyperborean Heirophants: Because snow is cool
    Encrusted Clockwork Rail Launcher: 58 damage crossbow at floor 8 is best crossbow

    I'm going in to find Dredmor, if I don't come back, welp then I'm never beating this game because I'm so bloody stacked. Prepared for battle.jpg
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  4. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Good luck!!
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  5. Wolg

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    73 clockwork sawblades? If he can stay alive long enough to use them...
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  6. Wyrmcraft

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    Dredmor down! I had two rings that boosted my magic reflect my 10 a piece so he could barely touch me, oh and if you looked at the money between then and now, I went through quite a few sawblades, all my BoMD, both Squidbolts, and most of my goodies.

    He got me really close once or twice though with the thunderbolt. I had no voltic resistance so that cut through my health like butter, I had to spacial, chug a few invis potions, and spend a few turns licking my wounds.

    Honestly, given the resistances and magic reflect I had, he could barely touch me except for that bolt and his melees...which hurt alot.

    Anyway, thanks all for the tips, the help, and that is my first time making it to floor 15, I'm excited, I'm pumped, and man was that a ton of fun! I'll be giving it a go on Dwarvish moderation next game; which I hope to be writing out as a pseudo let's play on the FF board. I'll keep a link to the chronicles of the various poor souls who end up with me behind their puppet strings.

    First Kill!.png
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  7. OmniaNigrum

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    155 sawblades? Damn. You sure stocked up!
  8. Wyrmcraft

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    Did you see my money? I'm pretty sure I was in the tens of millions! I just hawked everything I got my hands on and found a lot of throw vending machines on the last few floors. From like 10th onward they only sell HHGs and Sawblades.

    I ran out of plastic bolts getting to dredmor, so they went in that slot and became my dedicated mob killer. I had like 250 at one point XD
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  9. Shreeper

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    Now onward to "Going Rogue" with "Permadeath" and "No Time To Grind" turned on you go!
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  10. Wyrmcraft

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    No time to grind?

    I'm moving up to DM next, GR when I'm comfortable on DM. No permadeath though, not for a while. I choose when my run ends, mainly because I don't like dying to BS and can get a little pissy when that happens, so PD is for when I have enough knowledge of the game where I don't find things frustrating and new. Once it becomes rote, I'll be good for PD
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  11. Essence

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    I still don't play PD unless I'm doing a GRPD thread thing, so I don't blame you. :)
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  12. Wyrmcraft

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    Makes sense, just because RUTABAGAS! And all the other little things that can nuke you to nothing on the higher difficulties before you can even say "Oh diggle egg".
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  13. Nacho

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    Yeah, I never do PD, both because my game sometimes randomly crashes, and because it's BS when you die to a trap you missed because you weren't being careful or something.
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  14. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Well, no. It's BS when you die despite being careful due to some bug or glitch or something. Dying because you weren't being careful is called "playing a roguelike."
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  15. 765Pro

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    @Essence, you sure are good at making builds! You've inspired me to make a rogue myself!

    To keep it interesting, I'll take on the other build that Wrymcraft opted against:
    Artful Dodger
    Fungal Arts
    Battle Geology

    Playing Elves Just Want To Have Fun, (Give me a break! It's been nearly a year since I last played!) going to rush for Wall of Blades first (Since you don't really need Celestial Circle right away on this easy of a level) then up the Demonology tree. Then it's either Burglary (because utility is great!) or up Battle Geology...

    Thoughts, suggestions? (Lots of suggestions, please! I suck!)
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  16. Nacho

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    The first thing you should do in that build is take a level of burglary, since the exp you get from unlocking doors and chests will outweigh what you spent on it in only a floor or two. Plus having no trapsight sucks. You have to be so careful to avoid those things when you can only see them from 1 square away. After that, take one in Fungal Arts. That pet will clear the first few levels for you all by its lonesome.
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  17. TheKirkUnited

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    Don't forget to max out burglary so you can rob Brax blind. Out of depth equipment can easily hold you 'til the 10th floor or so. Assuming Brax stocks out of depth stuff of course. Also, 'Ninja Vanish' and 'Move in Mysterious Ways' are two of the most potent skills in the game since they give you invisibility and teleport respectively. Used wisely they can get you out of just about any bad situation.
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  18. Arron Syaoran

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    I personally like playing rogue runs, and I currently just finished my Going Rogue Permadeath Pure Rogue Run. The thing is, I've been playing Dredmor for so long(clocked over 740 hours total since install), that Going Rogue has become the norm for me and that even DM is too easy. I never take Fungal Arts cause it seems boring to me, and Always try to Max out Burglary and Tinkering early on.
    The Trick to playing a Rogue is to Stock up as Much Ammo as you can via Vendors and Crafts. Traps don't seem to do much damage, but are extremely worthwhile if your Teleports are on Cooldown. Most of your AoE will come from Squid Bolts, BoMDs, Bombs, Flasks and AoE Traps. It's also a good idea to Melee if you have plenty of Food and are trying to conserve Ammo when there's Few Monsters around(Never Melee Named Monsters). As long as you can Find Poncho With No Name and Parachute Pants, AND have Artful Dodger + Perception, you can have 50 Dodge by Floor 5 and Be Capped by Floor 11.
    Also, It helps to know what resources are needed for Tinkering and Alchemy, and know which resistances to stack on each Floor and when fighting Dredmor. Tip: Brass is for Tinkering only. Silver is For Smithing and Alchemy only. Bronze is for Tinkering and Smithing only. Plastic is mostly for Alchemy and Tinkering only.(Cause there's no Plastic Thrown in smithing unless you try my Android Rogue Mod to Create Softballs and Baseballs)
    And Finally, I never Use Mods or Encrusts when doing a Serious Challenge Run (Like GRPD Pure Builds), but I want to try out more mods as I haven't touched them to be honest.
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