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  1. I'm new to XML so if anyone knows of a good place to learn it that would be nice, on to mod discussion

    One of the ideas i had was to make potions unidentified in the more traditional rogue-like style. I was thinking I could make a copy of a potion with a generic unidentified name and description for every potion, and add a new skill that all characters would have called taste/test potion. When used it would add the effect of the generic potion which would be a weakened form of its real use, and change it to the real thing. I believe the change would have to work by destroying/using the generic potion and creating the real potion that matched it. So i would have 20 or so potions with the same name/description and different effects, and the real potions. As i understand it all items have a id #, so i could have my generic potions be #101-120 and real potions be #121-140, and when test/taste is used, create a item that has an id up 20.

    Another idea I wanted to implement was having all characters choose an extra skill from a new pool of choices, that would all be passive and work like traits did in fallout1/2. For those of you who don't know, these traits provided positive and negative effects. IE (+10% crit chance, -30% overall damage),(+20% hit chance when wielding one weapon,-40% chance when wielding a two handed weapon or two weapons)

    Lastly, I don't know if its my compulsive need to search everywhere and everything, but I feel the need to fully explore Each floor. My most recent character averaged about 1 floor per hour, and died on floor 7. I personally feel like this is too long. That was going to be my last premadeath character because now i feel like i wasted so much time. In games like stone soup, i can beat half the game in an hour and die, and feel no regret. I was wondering if there was any way to reduce the sizes of the floors, and increasing the number of floors. I was hoping to make the floors half to a quarter of the size, and increase xp gain and add more floors. In the end I was hoping to add more specific bosses like lord dredmor.
  2. Just thought of something new. Would there be a way to save our dead characters to the creature table every time we die, and we could fight zombie versions of ourself and we travel down. I think it would be an interesting way to see how our characters have improved
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    Pretty much all your suggestions would require changes which are not possible using only the xml files.
  4. any info on what the modding tools will include? will any of this be possible?