I would like to enjoy an Clockwork Empires Korea languages.

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    CLOCKWORK EMPIRES while a lot of thinking about whether to buy,
    Buy them on sale on Steam now.
    Among simulation game CLOCKWORK EMPIRES I think it is a very good game.
    But what was once worried about whether the purchase should not have supportedsince I was Korean.
    While I was doing until now own satisfaction, while also understanding the overall storyof the game,
    CLOCKWORK would like to see the game EMPIRES 2 times more favorites.

    Understanding that this article today I sent do not know, ask again.

    I want to enjoy CLOCKWORK EMPIRES in Korean!

    (This post was later sent to Google Translator .... T ^ T)
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    Gaslamp are a small studio in comparison to others. Localisation is not a small effort; the presence of dynamic text generated during the game complicates things where the generation may depend on the syntax and semantics of English. Such text may not translate well, if at all. Feeding the game text into Google translate likely won't work so well... ;)

    Also, during the alpha and beta early access phases, the text is subject to change as development progresses. Translated versions may happen, if Gaslamp were to have budget and see demand for them, but I wouldn't expect any until after the proper release, once the final text to be the translated is known.
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    Thank you for answer.:D
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    Just be aware it isn't an official answer. :)