I personally would not have a problem...

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  1. Mikel

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    with the developers rebranding the current 54C code as 55 and keeping their monthly release streak alive.
  2. Unforked

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    I was assuming 55 would be coming out today anyway? I mean, they've never missed a monthly and it's been a few days since 54C.
  3. Alavaria

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    Well there's already bugfixes which have been made, so putting the "fixed" version on stable would probably work, as it seems stable enough to play :)

    (See: the massive Work QoL bug)

    EDIT: And usually the difference between "the last" experimental and the stable just following it is pretty much always fixes, nothing big/new is added to the stable without appearing in an experimental for testing beforehand?
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  4. Unforked

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    Yeah, I actually expected 55 to drop on Wednesday for that reason, but things change/explode/have different plans... etc.
  5. Nicholas

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    It's up now, and I'm just running the rest of the launch sequence. Half the office is out with colds this week, and I spent Wednesday trying to deal with, I kid you not, matters of maritime law.
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    I need an explanation

    EVERYONE needs an explanation.
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