I found something interesting in a Wizardland...

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by LionsDen, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    Take a look at what I found. :)

    Tardis in DoD.png

    The Dr. is in! :D
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  2. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Sadly, you can't take it home...
  3. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Darn it! no returning to the 25th century for me :mad:
  4. jhffmn

    jhffmn Member

    Was the scarf near by?
  5. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    Nope, I have only seen the time lords scarf around 3 or 4 times of all my near 1000 hours of playing. :)
  6. Shwqa

    Shwqa Member

    That's too bad I pretty much always find the scarf in a floor 10-15. It is the crownstar that avoids me.
  7. Evilmanmark

    Evilmanmark Member

    Too bad you can't seem to use the walls and decorations from the wizard lands in your pocket dimension
  8. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    I've only been down that far once. :)

    Too busy trying new characters so I have only ever finished the game once.
  9. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    Hahaha, I found a TARDIS room and then when I went back to the dungeon, I drank from a fountain and found the scarf in it.

    No joke.
  10. greggbot

    greggbot Member

    I found the TARDIS in diggle hell once.
    Not sure what it was doing there...
  11. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    It means that the tale of the good Doctor may have come to an unfortunate end at the hands of Vlad Digula or his slaves. Simon Belmont he isn't, that's for sure. No offense but the doctor is still badass in his own way.
  12. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    You have to kill Digula to save the Doctor now, greggbot. Don't dawdle, his life lies in your hands.