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  1. Kazeto

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    Yeah, I like this typo too. It's almost like a wordplay.
  2. Rhadamante

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    DoD typo.jpg

    I'm all for wreaking any sort of things on all the people but I don't think vegeneance is a thing. :p
  3. DavidB1111

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    OH, dear.
    That's a typo alright.
    "Vegeneance is mine, sayith the Lord of Carots."
    Get it?
  4. Average Joe

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    Found a spelling error in the description of Wall Sconce: "The flames wave despondantly at nothing."

    Should be despondently.

    Found a spelling error in the title of a skill in the Berserker tree: Viking Temperment.

    It should be Temperament.
  5. Average Joe

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    Found two on the tooltip description of Noxious Brimstone Flask: "...dump it on your enemies for firey vengence."

    It should be fiery vengeance.

    Also, in the Burglary Tree, one of the skills is named "Move in Mysterious Way." The Dredmor Wiki has "Move in Mysterious Ways" and so does the tooltip description for the skill. A typo?
  6. Average Joe

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    Spelling error in description of Tesla Mine: "This version is not inexhaustable."

    It should be inexhaustible.

    Also a missing apostrophe on the item Spiky Mace:

    "...for beating your enemies heads in" should have enemies'

    One more, this time an apostrophe that should be removed:

    On the description of a Squid mini-boss: "The constant lack of feeling in it's tentacles has made this Squiddy ill-tempered..." should be its
  7. dbaumgart

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    Nice catches Joe, Rhadamante - all fixed now!
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  8. Suho

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    Are we still looking for typos? There is one that appears when you enchant a weapon and it gains a special effect: "It shoots of burst of flame toward your enemies."

    The first "of" should be "a," of course.
  9. Kazeto

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    Yes, we are always looking for typos. So if there's something you think is a typo, just speak up - they won't hurt you for that or anything.
  10. Chris Whitman

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    Ah, jeez. That one's embarrassing.
  11. OmniaNigrum

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    Grammar Nazi Cat.jpg

    Enjoy! :D

    (I noticed that missing "s" on the last word of the last image...)
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  12. SkyMuffin

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    Necromantic Blinding tooltip typo: "dimming the light in yours eyes"
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