How to enjoy Sword of the Stars: The Pit?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Gorbax, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Installing the new full Gold edition on top of my already started game worked. The funny thing is that it now says the game is version 1.2.6 when I thought it was supposed to go to 1.2.5. Oh well, downloading the new Pilgrim DLC so that I can install that soon. :)

    When I got it, I wouldn't have minded a steam version but the GOG site put it on sale first so they got the money.
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    I think it was roughly the same situation for me, but having it on Steam makes it more appealing as a product, simply because I don't have to deal with the BS patching/content system that's used on GOG.
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  3. @LD: Feel free to post how you die. :D

    I mean, or if you win. But really- it's the Pit. I'm banking on death. Especially if you try the Marine... Poor sod.
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    I almost always die because I run out of food and starve. They should really fix that flaw. I don't mind dying because I did something stupid or I came across something new but dying because there is no food to be found just chaps my @$$. lol :)
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    The solution to starving is to pump up your computer/engineering/mechanical/scavenging skills, that'll let you reliably get good food from stasis lockers. Saving your hiver cheese and tarka bread for sotswiches also helps... that's enough to get me through my runs. There are probably a bunch of other food recipes I don't know that would make it even easier.
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  6. That is interesting. Unless I play the Striker (ie, the Morrigi 1 move/moment monstrosity), I don't have food problems. To prevent future ass-chappage, do you play on Easy? (In easy, food is MORE important because there are fewer enemies, and thus fewer potential drops of raw meat, cheese, bread, etc..)

    Do you spend time backtracking? Backtracking can really add up if you don't have metabolic control active.

    Do you know how to make Heroic Sotswiches? Hugely space efficient food resources, those.
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    I do play on easy at least for the past couple of weeks. But for the months previous, I was usually playing at normal.

    I do do a bit of backtracking at least on the same level. Quite often I tend to start out in the middle of a map or I find that the map is a giant u shape and I have to backtrack to get to the other part of it. Sometimes I even find the down stairs at once corner of the map but still have around 2/3s or so of the map left to explore and after explored, I have to go back to where I found the down stairs.

    Yeah I do know how to make Heroic Sotswiches but I quite often am missing one of the ingredients or can't find a cooker for 5 to 10 levels. It's very annoying.
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  8. Well, it doesn't sound like you are visiting the same rooms repeatedly except as necessary. So that couldn't be it.

    How often do you rest? Resting consumes food at an accelerated rate- by the time you are half of the way through your rest cycle you can be consuming multiple food bits per consumption cycle.

    And of course anyone but the Tarka consumes food faster than the human characters, but I thought you mainly played the marine...
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    Actually, I don't rest much at all. I have only done it a few times since I first purchased the game. I prefer to heal myself in other ways and use guns when I can't use grenades or psi powers.

    As for the Marine, I have played him a few times but I have tried all of the characters and I tend to prefer the engineer and scout. After I got the gold edition and mind games I played the psion as my next favorite. The alien characters I have only recently in the past week or two been playing.

    I did start up a normal game tonight playing the engineer and am currently on floor 7. He is currently level 8 and has 5 food items, one rotten cheese and 2 tainted meat among them. Finding food just seems to be difficult in any game I play. When I do find food, I can't find any cookers and so by the time I might find one I have had no choice but to eat the ingredients one at a time because my character kept complaining of hunger and getting weak. At least on this run I found one of those portable cookers so now all I need to do is find the ingredients and have all of them in order to make some better food.
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    This is currently in the Indie Royale Mixer 4 Bundle, but only for another day or so, I would have mentioned it sooner if I'd noticed.
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    I'd have mentioned it if I didn't think pretty much everyone in this section of the forum has it already(or wasn't interested to begin with). :p
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