How do these mods work? (1.07)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by kitmehsu, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I have had dredmor since a friend gifted it, and was anxiously awaiting 1.07, and was pleasantly surprised when the bundle I got, had the early access to it. But now a question baffles me, how the blazes does the modding work? Is there some arcane instruction I missed? I've tweaked the game folder previously, so I'm not entirely new to this, but I'm at a real loss at what to do here. (I hope that this is in the right spot)
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    Yep, this should probably be sticked. :)

    In order to write a mod, you have to start by creating a folder in your [for windows]
    Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor/mods
    folder. So for example, I have ...of Dredmor/mods/Essential DoD Skills.

    Within that 'Essential DoD Skills' folder, I have three files: mod.xml, skillDB.xml, and spellDB.xml. Those last two should look familiar to anyone who has looked at their Dungeons of Dredmor/game folder wherever they have DoD installed; they're editable in Notepad and they have all of the skills and spells in game (and all of their relevant stats) written out in them.

    By creating the same-named .xml files in the folder mentioned above, you essentially tell the game to append those new files onto the existing ones -- thus adding new content (creating a mod.) You can also create copies of itemDB.xml, craftDB.xml, monDB.xml, and probably speech, rooms, and quests as well (though I haven't played with any of those.) You currently cannot mod manTemplateDB.xml.

    Once you've created the content in those new .xml files, you need to edit mod.xml. It should read something like this:
    Only with your relevant information, of course.

    Ta-da! You've now modded DoD, and you should be able to go do your launcher, hit the [MOD] button, and select your new mod to add to the game. (The ability for a mod to edit the current game stats rather than adding new stuff is still in development.)

    Linux works basically the same way, but has a different directory in which to store your mods, and I have no idea what that might be. :)
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    so does anybody know where to place mods under linux? i tried creating a 'mods' folder in $HOME/.local/share/Dredmor/ (which is where the savegames are), but that doesn't seem to work :/
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    Keep looking in the Mods forum, I'm positive someone has posted it before.
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    That's because the way the game tracks buffs is actually by icon, so the fact that you have several different buffs (or in this case debuffs) all coded to use the same icon will crash the game. You can solve this by adding a /skills folder to your mod and copying placeholder.png a dozen times (i.e. placeholder1.png, placeholder2.png, and so on) and then assigning each buff it's own copy of placeholder. :)
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    Yeah, I fixed that and it crashes less, but it still crashes occasionally.
    (reuploaded the fixed version at the same address, btw)