How did Dredmor become a Lord?

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  1. SkyMuffin

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    And does he have...a mom and dad? :confused:
  2. Warlock

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    He was human before he became a lich. He didn't spring from an egg, you know. :p
    I'm sure he followed the same progression us adventurers did; except he wasn't limited to 7 skills. Otherwise he wouldn't be quite so badass as he is now. The "Lord" part seems to be from the armies he commanded and the other folks under his sway. The good guys probably call him "King Idiot" behind his back....... who knows?
  3. Mr_Strange

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    To be a Lord, you just need a parcel land which you use to generate income for yourself. Obviously the dungeon itself is Dredmor's land! Simple.
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  4. Frelus

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    Klingon Promotion. He killed the former lord of his dungeon.
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  5. Kazeto

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    Which means that our adventurers are all potential next Lord Dredmor.
  6. TheJadedMieu

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    Eyebrows for Dungeon Lord 2012
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  7. SkyMuffin

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    Or maybe it's an evil curse that only happens once the adventurer stops doing their arms-in-the-air happy dance. That's why it lasts so long (unless you press a key).
  8. Mr_Strange

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    Oh man, how hot would it be if, after killing Dredmor, the next Dredmor had the same stats & skills as the hero you last won with?

  9. banjo2E

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    This would also make Dredmor really, really easy after playthrough #1.

    1. Kill Dredmor with a teleport-free melee build on Elvish Easy
    2. Get to floor 15 on GRPD
    3. Unliving Wall
    4. ???
    5. Digglebucks
  10. Frelus

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    1. Kill Dredmor with a swift striker+heavy damage melee build that sacrifices some hp for massive oneshotting damage with procs and skills.
    2. Get to floor 15 on GRPD.
    3. Die.
  11. Kaidelong

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    Seconding this. Dungeons of The Vile Vegan Eyebrow, or something.
  12. SkyMuffin

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    can we have Digglebucks as an alternative currency please
  13. OmniaNigrum

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    We could just take the free source code of Bitcoins and make DiggleBitCoins.

    But that would probably still require a boatload of work, not to mention that at current, the downloaded history required to keep your Bitcoin client up to date is almost 3GB. It will only get larger in time. Not to mention the fact that if you mine for such, you can easily double it in some cases.

    Wait... Are you saying in game currency? I feel dumb all the sudden. Oh well. Sticking with the Hunter Thompson style of writing, I am leaving that right there were it belongs. ;)
  14. Insanius

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    What is the exchange rate for Zorkmids to Digglebucks?
  15. Frelus

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    The current exchange rate is the amount of the Bohr Magneton and the Nuclear Magneton, discarding the J times T^-1 and that divided by a thousand.
    Meaning, the current exchange rate is roughly
    1Z = 0.836435644 D
    Hope that answers your question.
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