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  1. I found out that putting a painting in a house, give you a +2 population upgrade. The problem is that in a lower class house the +cap is calculated in a way that it keeps the +2 base cap of the house, in a middles class house it doesn't. So in L.C.H. I have a +7/5, in a M.C.L. a +5/4.

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    I have seen this as well but I don't understand the point of the extra numbers because even if you have a 5/4 in the MCL house you still only get the 4 max overseers, at least in my game, have you gotten the extra #5 overseer?
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  3. I tested it (demolishing the paintings, and checking the caps and workplace capacity) and it works for both labourers and overseers (+1 for the latter and +2 for the former). I attached the save if you want to check it for yourself (stable branch!)

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    I actually thought this was intentional/working as designed.
    Isn't the overseer cap lower than the labourer cap anyways?
  5. Yeah, in fact that's how I think this feature is designed to work, but the cap notes on the houses say otherwise :rolleyes:
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    And The word "BUT" negates or cancels everything that goes before it, so I am not so sure if you really did not mean to be rude or not. :(

    I know the word "gotten" is sometimes said/written in America instead of the proper word received, as an American, I decided to use it. Although I am an English speaker, this forum is used by many non-English speaking people and as long as the posts here are understandable I do not see the harm in a few misspelled words or the occasional grammatical faux pas.
  8. Please, don't be too strict to our dear Exile, I think he was trying to say something like "What I'll say might, and probably will, sound rude, despite my neutral/positive intentions". It's more or less what I did with our Alephred, when he was talking about the Latin in "Carnifex", and my highschool-Latin poked my back until I posted my rude-ish correction to him... even now I think it was kind of unnecessary :eek:

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    @Cthulhu_Awaits, to be honest, I do feel somewhat bad about my snarky reply to Exile, I just find it hard at times when something as simple as a misspelled word or the use of a word that might not be grammarically correct gets pointed out when the meaning of the sentence is still understood by the reader.
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  10. Well, my signature openly encourage this kind of behaviour :rolleyes: so I'm, in part, at fault.
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    I have no idea what's going on in this thread. But to return to the original point:

    Had a look in the code and found the problem: What's going on here is the painting is giving only a +1 bonus rather than a +2 bonus! Everything else is fine. This is now fixed in the dev build.
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