Horse Armor vanishes?

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  1. DavidB1111

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    But you have to be a horse to wear horse armor. :)
    And if you are a horse, how are you playing Dredmor? Comet, the Wonder Horse, is that you?
  2. Xaxio

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    I am not a clock, but I can wear Clockwork Gauntlets.
  3. Kaidelong

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    Polymorph into a horse?
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  4. Lorrelian

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    I feel that this is how the armor should function.
  5. DavidB1111

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    But you don't have to be a clock to wear Clockwork Gauntlets. You have to be a horse to wear horse armor.

    Regardless, it would be too powerful for someone to wear. Considering you can't remove it.
  6. Xaxio

    Xaxio Member

    That doesn't change my opinion that it feels like a broken item. At the very least, the item could indicate in some way that it will vanish or that it can't be used.

    edit: Perhaps a change to type "reagent" would be helpful. The misleading part is that it boasts defensive and offensive stats.
  7. Kaidelong

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    It is horse armor. It provides armor. It is definitely equipment too.
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  8. Aegho

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    "Truly an extravagance for those who can afford to throw their money into oblivion."
    Read the description maybe?
  9. Xaxio

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    I read the description, but I don't see anything that says I can't use the advertised bonuses on the item.

    "Truly an extravagance for those who can afford to throw their money into oblivion. You can't wear this." would be more accurate.

    edit: It just makes me worry about how many other "joke" items there are like this.
  10. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    There's only that and the Wizard's Sleeve.
  11. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member


    While I do understand that you might be irked by inability to use a piece of equipment, please point us to one reason why you think our characters should be able to wear something that is named "horse armour" and is explicitly a piece of armour for horses.
    Because unless you can give us a reason for a sane person to think that they should be able to equip something like that, I don't think it's necessary to add "you can't use it" to the description.
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  12. mining

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    Also, you realise you can pick it up and try to equip it, right? Thats how stores work.
  13. Xaxio

    Xaxio Member

    Daynab: Thank you for the confirmation!

    mining: I did not realize that. Thanks for pointing it out :)

    Kazeto: For all I know, it could have been meant for wear during use of a transformed character, such as that of werediggle or some other transformed planned state that was never implemented.

    Also, being able to wear something or not wear it because of the name has nothing to do with anything in most of the Dredmor game.

    I can wear the Cloak of Sagan, but I'm not Carl Sagan.
    I can wear Scaly Hauberk of the Fish, but I am not a fish, and there are no arm holes.
    I can wear an Anemone Belt, but I am not an anemone, and I don't see how it could be buckled.
    I can carry a Cockroach Pavise, but I am not a cockroch.
    I can wear a Traffic Cone, but I'm not a street. Beep beep, honk!

    I'd like to bring up two points.

    Historically, armor has been designed in many ways to intimidate enemies, including bearing likenesses of animals.

    Second: I was going to link a "Your Argument is Invalid" picture; but the more I think of it, the more I believe that your argument is entirely valid, and that you simply don't see where I could have mistaken it as a wearable item. It has stats. Everything else in the game that has stats can be worn. Sure that explains why I think it could be worn?
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  14. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    That is a good argument. In a game with transformation skills, instead of being thought of as a mere joke, it might instead encourage people to try equipping it after transforming, so some people might think it can be equipped because of that.

    And that is not a good argument. "Horse armour" is something that was designed for horses to wear. The other items that you used as analogies, not so much, unless you want to imply that you thought the armour is something you can use and it was made out of a horse.

    But it's more of a naming conundrum than anything, so let's just ignore that lest we start arguing about something like that (which would be silly).

    And that, once again, is a good argument. With there being only two pieces of equipment that we can't use, it might feel counter-intuitive for some.

    I don't really want them to add "it can't be equipped" to these items' descriptions since that would destroy the joke, so if anything, I think they should try removing the bug pertaining eating these items and then add some message to the ticker that would inform you that you can't equip it when you try - that should be enough, or at least I think it'd be sufficient.

    tl;dr: You are right.
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  15. Xaxio

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    I agree that a message to the ticker saying "You cannot wear Horse Armour. You are not a horse!" would be funny as heck, but I still think the fact that it has stats is a little misleading. At that point, I think the question becomes whether I would laugh after buying it if it had stats and I could not equip it.

    If it didn't have stats and I tried to equip it, I'd laugh and get the joke in the ticker message.

    If it did have stats and I tried to equip it and got a message that I'm not a horse -- I'd start wondering what in the game lets me become a horse. At that point, I'd come here to the forums and ask "How do I become a horse?" and the jokes would fly.

    heh. Yeah, I could see the ticker message being a good solution :)
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  16. Kaidelong

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    The scaly hauberk of the fish does, in fact, have arm holes. It is much like being swallowed by a big fish with arm holes, innit?
  17. Xaxio

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    Maybe I'm not seeing the drawing for it correctly. We probably don't want to think about that one too hard, though. Eww.
  18. mining

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    IMO have it still be eaten and then in the ticker "You send the armor to your trust steed. Hopefully he's still parked outside the dungeon" or something.
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  19. Kaidelong

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    People coming to the forums to complain about horse armor is also probably part of the joke. At least they didn't make you pay RL money for it, I guess.
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