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    We joyfully announce the birth of Home Slice the Footman!
    He joins us in the Dungeons of Dredmor on 9/23/2011 11:05 PM, weighing 180 lbs and standing 6' tall.


    Here is a copy of his birth certificate (long form)
    Name: Home Slice
    Dual Wielding
    Berserker Rage
    Fungal Arts

    And we're off to an auspicious start! I suppose the GR/PD gods are smiling upon the first thread in this forum, and granting Home Slice a second wooden sword and a ring for +1 voltaic damage!

    With any luck, he'll even make it past the second room. What terrors await beyond that first door?


    Er, hmm. A steel cuirass.

    Well, that makes most of DL1 moot.
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    Home Slice gets a pet! His name is Squishy.


    Looks like Squishy is a bit enamored with a fellow blobby and won't listen to his commands. Better get a neutered one next time, Home Slice.


    There's an Iron Sword that looks very appealing in a nearby Brax shop, but not having come from a rich family, Home Slice is going to have to get a 9-5 job and grind at it for a few weeks before he can purchase that shiny sword.
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    Oops, update time.

    Home Slice the Footman (given title when born) is now Home Slice the Smith!


    Here's a little situation I ran into on floor 3. Squishy is a little bit, well, squishy, and doesn't resist electroblobbies well. I didn't want him dying to blobs, so instead I managed to successfully root the Robutt in place with Lockup. Took out the blobbies one by one, then brought out Squishy and we tag teamed the Robutt! Squishy didn't make it... but I'll remember him forever. Because I turned him into a mushroom and ate him.


    Gotta love the toxic resist from fungal. A pumpkinn put some toxic clouds on me, and the entire conga line of enemies has to walk into it. What's more, there's an acid spitter in the back, and a huge pool of acid they have to walk through.

    On level 4, I am pretty decked out now. 2 rings of iron thorns, 1 katana, 1 fine steel sword, Embossed Serpentine Platemail, Runed Iron Hjalmar, and then random junk. I got a nice lutefisk artifact rusty sword with 3 trap affinity. I also have a ring of 1 trap affinity. This, along with my 2 base, allows me to disarm things liked the very frustrating acid spitters. Thanks to all the picks and spores for providing fisk!


    Similar location, using the choke point. Thermoblobbies hurt a lot :(

    Finishing up floor 4 very soon! I have a Toque of Kanada for floor 7, and I have 2 rings of ash for DL9. Don't know if I'll actually get around to it.

    I stock the very finest foods, which means I buy cheese, sliced bread, diggle eggs, and dire sandwiches from all the vending machines. And brie. I love brie so much.

    Also definitely purchase the brimstone flasks from the throwing machines. I managed to get 10 so far.

    My notes also say that there are tons of squid bolts in vending machines on prior floors. I'm getting pretty lucky! More incentive not to die!
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    Oh yeah, so many good skills I want! I'm on the verge of so many. 1 point away from Ninja Vanish, anxious to get level 2 Berserker Rage, 1 level away from Not Drizzt, need level 2 assassination, not to mention maxing Swords...
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    Level 5 was pretty anti-climactic. Didn't find any good items. Most monsters with piercing damage were unable to hurt me, unless they crit, which dealt about 5 damage. Magicky golems hurt a little bit, but don't corrupt since my weapons (2 katanas) aren't special.

    Onward to level 6! The first room I find has a shiny chest...



    Yay! I found a Fjunfasdhfas; the azppuo of asebo;u. Sigh. He worried me a little, so I ate an agaric, a grunge cap, and a fell truffle before fighting him. He hurt.

    I leveled shortly right before or after him, so I elected to take another level of fungal arts. This gives me the ability to turn my crappy mushrooms into hopefully better mushrooms, and gives me 1 extra toxic resist. Since there are unhealthful golems and mushies on this floor, and I'm always going to want the mushroom swapping ability, I figured now would be a better time than later to grab it.

    Onwards to better things.


    Oh, a double zoo. Great.


    BOMB BOMB BOMB! 2 brimstones for happy yellow gas, puffballs repeatedly for mellow laughing gas, eat those blungecaps for 3 hp per hit (except on death blow, which really sucks.)

    In between rounds, if I have nothing to do, I either eat another mushroom, eat some food, chuck a puffball, or plant some spores. If a named monster is really frightening, Squishy comes out to play.

    Hopefully I'll get a great item for this DOUBLE ZOO?


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    Oh yeah, I have way more iron than I know what to do with. Any suggestions? Make high end iron gear and sell for money? Plenty of squid bolts I can purchase, not to mention I think a Doul's Possible sword costs a lot.
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    What I do is keep the iron until I really need to use it (like if I'm running low on bolts, etc. or need to replace a badly kronged item, need rust for more healing potions, etc.).
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    No alchemy, no tinkering, unless I want to put on goggles and tinker for at level 1. I guess 9 crappy bolts might be okay?
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    You can tinker bolts at 0 tinkering; you just get fewer crappy bolts. :)
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    No screenshots this time :(

    Just about cleared through level 7. Still using 2 katanas, so no corruption worries. My luck for getting artifacts has been terrible... nothing sword. Lots of really powerful metal orby staves (this seems to happen very frequently for me on all playthroughs), and otherwise maybe some random mace. For trap affinity, I've got +3 sword +2 axe +1 goggles +1 ring with 2 base, so 9 affinity lets me disarm lots of traps.

    I stopped growing mushrooms a while ago... all spores go right into the lutefisk cube now. I'm still holding my breath for a nice sword.

    Snow Baals are the only things that could somewhat hurt me... but they had to get past my block and counter first. One of them got me to about 20 hp before I promptly leveled up.
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    Wow, I had 4 inconsequentia shrines on this floor. Got an axe axe mace, still trying to complete the final one.

    One of the quest mobs was a named fire eely... I summoned Squishy at it just to see how he would fare. The freaking eel chews for 65 damage!

    Just for kicks, I walked up to it while it was on its second blow against Squishy (bye Squishy), just to see how I would fare. Hit, then counterattacked with Sneaky Shiv. Attacked again with Sneaky Shiv. One more swing, and it was dead. I think all of my blows were crits too.

    The name's Slice. Home Slice.
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    Completed the final quest on floor 7. Got a Wizard's Sleeve.

    I'm going to attack the hell out of it with my Omnipotent Pork Sword.
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    Oops. That's what I get for playing when asleep. Ran into a named mob on level 8, I take what I expect to be a killing blow, and he counters. I haven't been countered in forever.

    Congratulations, Home Slice the Footman. You are dead.
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    Well it was a nice try :p
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    Darn 2 levels away from dredmor. You gunna do another thread with a diffrent character? (I really enjoyed this thread)
  16. kuhchung

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    Thanks. I considered it but I wasn't getting much feedback and my screenshots are pretty poor quality (using in game ctrl + G shot feature). Maybe my next run I'll try it again.
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    Meh, even "poor quality" screenies are a great way to break up the narrative and provide some visual interest or maybe a sight gag or even just show off something you stumbled upon.

    I enjoyed the story of Home Slice; I'd certainly read another one (and toss out more Likes).