Hello. Newbie just asking a bunch of questions.

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    Hi! So I'm pretty new to the game. I just run around do shit, die and I'm having a lot of fun, but now i want to try and get good at it.

    First off. I'm not too sure on builds and what i should get. With so many options it's hard to get it right. This is what i have right now. Anything i should change? http://imgur.com/a/yw8tX

    Also how does crafting work? Do i need to have one of my skills as smithing for it to work?
  2. You have to have the relevant item for the crafting you want to do. Some skills will give you one to start, I think.
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    I'd say your build definitely needs more utility. It has no ways of reliably healing yourself and no way to deal with traps (besides Perception, I will talk about this later). Not counting the Tinkerer skill (bolt and trap crafting) and the Perception skill (I will talk about this later), the skills which help with traps are Archaeology, Burglary, Smithing. Tourist is also a skill to consider, since it helps with healing, companions, health and mana regen, money and also gives you a get out of jail free card. The thing with tourist is that its simply too weak, especially on the hardest difficulty.

    For healing you have many choices, regeneration with Fungal Arts or life steal with Necronomiconomics. Emomancy (DLC: RotDG) offers a weak heal, which could be enough, considering the survivability you get from Master of Arms. Which makes Emomancy heal worth considering, is the curse clear that it comes with. Communist skill tree also gives you a great heal ability (it comes with DLC: CotW). There's also one very OP heal ability in the vanilla game, which makes you practically unkillable (it doesn't even have a cool-down), so I won't tell you what skill tree it belongs to. :)

    I recommend not using the Perception skill tree, as it is simply too weak, especially without any crafting skills.

    Also, reconsider your game plan. There are some redundancies in inconsistencies in your build. It's great to one-hit enemies, but having two weapons skills and dual-wielding and Berserker Rage, is simply overkill (which doesn't make it any less fun). By itself, it's a waste of skill points, but as you've got the Berserker Rage and Master of Arms skill trees, it means you wont have no problem staying in combat for a while anyways, so there's no reason to have such killing power. Switch some of that out for utility -- I recommend archeology, it gives you a better way to dealing with artefacts than just selling them, (you can trade them away for exp), and it gives you a ranged, knockback stun ability on a short cooldown, and it gives you a way to deal with traps -- and you'll be good.

    About smithing, you don't have to have the smithing skill itself. The way smithing works is that in order to craft something you'll need a high enough smithing stat to craft it. To my knowledge, only Hammer of Krong can give you smithing stats. Artefacts can also give smithing stats. And then there's the Clockwork Knight skill, which also gives you some smithing. But overall, smithing is perhaps the strongest crafting skill tree, even if you don't plan on crafting anything, since it gives you burliness buffs.

    The smithing tool can also be found naturally in the dungeon. I usually end up with at least a dozen before reaching the higher levels.
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  4. I would suggest sticking to only one weapon skill tree. The only way to take advantage of both at the same time is to dual-wield both types of weapons, and doesn't give you much more benefit than only having one weapon skill and dual-wielding two weapons of the same type. You could free up a skill slot for very little loss by dropping one of them.

    Also, Berserker Rage and Artful Dodger work against each other. Berserkers want to be hit! :)

    Otherwise, looks like a decent foundation for a melee build. The other suggestions already here are good, but feel free to just mess around and see what works for you. Be sure to use j-factor.com/dredmorpedia/ for detailed information on most things in the game, I find it invaluable. Good luck!