Have a great idea for a mod, help getting it to life?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by SirKillawatt, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I read a creepypasta recently about a fake kids television show called "Candle Cove". In it, there's a skeletal character called the Skin-Taker; a dirty skeleton wearing a top-hat and cape made out of children's skin. I thought it would be cool to add him into the Dungeons of Dredmor universe; he seems to fit if you read the creepypastas (here and here). I went through some ideas of how he could be a simple enemy or a mini-boss, but it would be even cooler if he were a god you could tithe meat or something else to in order for in-game advantages of some sort. My question would be, how hard would this be to do? If it isn't terribly difficult, I would attempt it on my own merit; however if it requires a lot of work I may see if someone is interested in helping me bring this to life. Thanks all!

    EDIT: My roomate and I (college kids) were talking about it much more last night, and further expanded of our ideas we talked about above. For one, we thought of items the Skin-Taker god would give you upon giving enough meat to him. Items that tie into the creepypasta, such as the cape or hat of the Skin-Taker; each item having different, unique effects. We also thought of adding a new skill tree named Janice (the little girl from the 'show' who created all of the characters). Each skill would correspond to a character from the show, and thus give benefits and tie into both DoD and the show itself. Hopefully these ideas aren't too hard and someone could either link me on how to attempt this, or someone is interested in it enough to help.
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    I'm pretty sure the lutefisk god is hardcoded, so you won't be able to make it like that. What would be possible tho, is that you make a room with a certain event which will cast a spell, giving you a random recipe when you trigger it. Tho, you won't be able to make it work only with one food type or something, probably.
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    Although that is a bummer, I would be willing to work on something like that. Partially because I want to try to mod something into the game, and also because I think the content would be really cool as well.