Hardest achievement?

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  1. nabcgb

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    Bloody mess is hard if you're at a certain level, like I was when I took the zoo down.
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  2. Tycho

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    Zoos ARE daunting, more so than they were in NetHack for me. Particularly because I prefer playing melee. I almost ALWAYS had to retreat to a chokepoint and gradually funnel them in and bait more out of the zoo and chop away while quaffing and eating constantly whenever I had a break in the action. And if you get a big group of monsters that are pre-disposed to just floating around and nuking you from distance it is AGONY without some nice ranged tools like wands or bombs or what-have-you.
  3. nabcgb

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    I sort of cheated though, specifically chose atheist monk skill to full as early as possible so I could blow up the rooms easily, but it was still pretty hard.
  4. Gateman

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    Not really an achievement, but the hardest thing i can think of, and I think what gives me the best sense of accomplishment, is picking a random fictional character from pop culture, like Katniss Everdeen, Rue, and Raj Kuthrapoli and making a successful (meaning it can get to floor 9+ with minimal luck) skill set based around their known traits and skills.

    Kinda homebrew, but it's a great way to reinvigorate the game when it starts to feel boring on the lower difficulties and levels or unfair on the higher difficulties.

    official achievement was the rainbow achievement because I had to give my character Serum Sickness to actually get enough unresisted damages
  5. Glazed

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    That's actually really easy to get. It's only a two-point skill!


    The real achievement is figuring out how to take the skill.
  6. lockeslylcrit

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    Statistically, You Used All The Glue on Purpose, based on the Steam achievements global stats.
    However, I would have to say that the hardest achievement to get would be Sewer Brew. You have to be at the right place at the right time. In real life. https://twitter.com/#!/GaslampGames/status/172841224032624640
  7. The Elemental Warrior mod skill tree makes Double Rainbow a lot easier to get, especially if you combine it with Kung Fu. Found this out by accident, honestly :)
  8. banjo2E

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    The hardest achievement IMO is Playing For Both Teams, because its detection method is such a crapshoot. I *still* haven't gotten that one.
  9. Kazeto

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    To get that one, you are merely supposed to play as both "characters" in one play-through. Make a character, die on floor one, create the same character with switched gender, die on floor one, and voilĂ  - you should get it.
  10. coldcandor

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    Not counting ones like "Sewer Brew" and Deadshot skill tree that either require me to live where I don't or no longer exist, I have to say Double rainbow because not only do you have to HAVE all those damage types active, you have to DEAL damage with them all! As it turned out, I had all 16 types active when I got it, even though the req just requires 14 (1 base + 13 secondary). After that, drowning because I haven't a clue how it's possible, and "You used all the glue on purpose" because I don't think I'll ever take that skill intentionally.
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    I've done that repeatedly. In fact, I've done that just now, without getting it.
  13. coldcandor

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    Haha, I had a feeling deadshot would be something like that. Roguelikes are traditionally very easy to cheat at by poking files, but I don't like to do it. Might for this, though...

    As to the other, that makes sense. I find it amusing that the achievements in this game involve finding such creative ways to die :)
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    Then something's broken, and the best thing you can do is to post about it in the bug section, stating your OS and game version.