Hardest achievement?

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    Ok, ok. What has been the hardest achievement for you guys to get other than the ones for beating the game with or w/o permadeath on? Mine had to be double rainbow. It took me for ever to do the "This translation is all wrong!" To get the damage buffs i wanted. I ended up having around 1 of every damage type, other than holy (like the only damage buff i stack on.)

    What about you guys?
    Heroic failure?
    Lutefisk paradox?

    I want MORE challenging stuff like this!
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    "I Can't Believe That Worked" -- see this topic: http://www.gaslampgames.com/community/threads/random-skills-challenge.1088/
    Note that the OP added some additional requirements to make it exceptionally difficult. Of course, if all you want is the title, then simply play on the easiest difficulty level and keep rerolling abilities until you get ones that are viable. But what fun would that be?
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    I attempted to get double rainbow and it didn't trigger for me. I should have screenshotted the scrollback, but as far as I know I did every damage type and manually entered the scrollback into a thread here.

    So I'll agree that double rainbow is the hardest.
  4. Inferno232

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    For the longest time I though I wouldn't get Monster Zoo. But I finally got the right skill-set to clear one out without having to beat a retreat to the previous floor.

    Now? Sewer Brew. Because I live in Texas and don't travel out of town often. XP
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    Yeah, I'm leaning towards Double Rainbow. However, some of the RNG achievements are a pain in the ass, too. Stuff like:

    I Didn't Ask For This - requires massive good luck or very, very specific crafting and good RNG on the materials

    Lutefisk Paradox - requires the RNG to give you at least 2 Cubes in a single run

    Your Kung Fu is Weak - again, pure RNG, you have to be low on health and then die not to a standard attack, but a counter-attack

    Perilous Podiatry - need to find a way to be at 1 or 2 health, and then find a stubborn door without a trap killing you or the door yielding to a room of enemies that nuke your 2 HP ass down

    Boil Water Advisory - again, you need to be low on health and then get the right kind of Fountain. I've gone entire runs and killed Dredmor and not gotten a single Acid Fountain

    I Can't Believe That Worked - because more often than not, it won't work
  6. Unless I'm misreading and/or misremembering something, you can get Lutefisk Paradox with only one cube. Just try to put it inside itself.
  7. And now that I think about it--Perilous Podiatry, Boil Water Advisory, and Your Kung Fu is Weak all become at least marginally easier if you're a vampire.
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    It was an example
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    all of the 'get killed at the hands of' one's. I really like playing with permadeath on. Can't bring myself to go all the way to get killed by dredmore & the like :/
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    All of the "do X a certain number of times" achievements are super hard because they keep resetting to zero :mad:
  11. ScytheKnight

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    I'd have to say that Double Rainbow is undoubtedly the hardest purely and simply because of the sheer number of damage types in this game. Also you have to be able to get all of these damage types into a single attack and whack something that won't resist ANY of them.

    Behind that, yeah the RNG gear stuff.. Loyal Soldier of the Empire isn't too bad since Imperial Boilerplate and Helm are fairly mainstream armor on lower levels, but Realms of ID requires you to get a specific item off two different floors. (Rusty Helm from the crypt level and Green Armor from the moonbase or finding artifact versions somewhere) I Didn't Ask For This is probably the hardest of them mainly for the Clockwork Limbs, get down low enough and you'll find Colckwork Chainaxes and Clockwork Bolt-Throwers.

    Plus let us not forget all the broken achievements.

    And yeah.. I got Heroic Failure... the flame bloby critted me lol.
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    Bit of an old topic, but what the hell?

    The hardest achievement to get is the one for maxing the Deadshot skillset. >.>
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    shouldn't Steam... i dunno, REMOVE that from the Achievements already?
  14. SkyMuffin

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    Whoa, so it has to be unresisted to count? That makes it three times as hard.
  15. Kazeto

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    It could, but there are people who got it, so doing so carries a risk of backlash.
  16. Velorien

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    Then it should at least be made a hidden achievement like Lutefisk Paradox, if it hasn't been already.
  17. Tycho

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    I dislike untidy things, leaving broken stuff lying around is untidy.
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    Yes, seriously. Because some people need it for their e-peen.
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    Pre-emptive caution - let's not go there because it'll inevitably end in an argument about achievments.
  20. I love achievements, love collecting them all, but hate feeling the urge to do so, therefore I support you both!

    Also, I suggest creating/discussing our own home-made achievements, preferably ones that can be proved with screenshot, but anything fun, interesting, or challenging will do! In fact, that might be a good way to vote/discuss the best home-made achievements: give em 1 to 5 stars in categories of Fun, Interesting, Challenging.