haematic drain debuff when not a blood mage?

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  1. I was walking around the fifth level when I received the haematic drain debuff fighting something (don't remember what). I tried to remove the debuff with a purity potion, and then a zodiac wand, but they didn't work, so I looked it up and found that it can only be removed by a haematic phylactery. However, I'm not a blood mage! So the only way to remove the debuff is to try and find one by random luck somewhere. I thought it was annoying, but not a huge problem, but then I fought a zoo and found out the debuff also stacks :( I'm now down by almost thirty health points, my health regen is at -1, and my mana is in a similarly awful state. This seems pretty game breaking, so I was hoping someone else had experienced this problem. Is it a bug? Is there a workaround? Any help would be appreciated!
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    First of all, take a look at your encrusted items and get rid of the one which is unstable; it's one of the effects from encrust instabilities.

    And secondly, use some wizardland codes (you can use the spreadsheet for them if you run out of your own) and try to find a phylactery there, as these can spawn in the wizardlands.
  3. Thank you so much! I didn't realize that having something unstable could cause that - for curiosity's sake, do you know any of the other effects?
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    Necropain, poisoning, tentacular doom, some curses, explosions, and random teleports. Though that's just from the data files, as I never really used equipment that got unstable.
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    "Foul Lich Magic" is your culprit here. The others are painful, but less permanent. Good luck finding a phylactery :)
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    There are three haematic phylacteries you can find, guaranteed, on dlvl 1 wizardlands.
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    Phylacteries are also possible to spawn from the Xenochemistry spell of Paranormal Investigator. It's one of the better side benefits of that skill tree.
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    But frankly, if you get this encrustment on an item, abandon it. It's lost for you.
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