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    Also I personally really loved the jumping puzzles. They are all optional either way.
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    Hm. I'm not sure as it's still expensive. Maybe another day.

    WoW just hooked me for a night. *Twitch*
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    Well I have a GW2 question, and not quite knowing has cost me some money...

    For runes, sometimes they will say (1) effect A And (2) effect B.
    I thought that meant I could put two of those runes in the same item, but when I try to do it, I end up again with only one rune in it. How do I add the second effect?
  4. Daynab

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    Those are sets, basically all runes later on are part of sets (often 6 piece), you just put them on different armors to gain the bonus.
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    Ah ok. I actually figured it out after I posted that lol. It was ambiguous but then I thought of how other games do armor sets and then it clicked. But I know I've seen other games that allowed multiple runes/gems/whatever and that's what I had assumed it meant.