GRPD Random Roll Competition

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  1. Ekanselttar

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    Yeah, none of my 6 other runs even got out of the first floor. My score for all 7 runs together comes out to something like 4k.
  2. Giygas

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    I started my run yesterday. It's going great so far (on level 4 and around 50k points), and it's not the usual skills I take.

    For skills, I got:
    Shield Bearer
    Burglary (thank god)
    Battle Geologist

    I have a question for you guys, though. Should I level up my Demonology to the highest level, or stop at Celestial Circle? The higher level skills look tempting, but I really don't like the thought of going against Lutefisk Avatars with all that -:resist_righteous:.
  3. Warlock

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    Signing up.

    Random roll:
    Battle Geology
    Promethean Magic
    Fungal Arts

    Looks promising, playing it caster-style and things seem to be going smoothly thus far. Cleared out 1/2 of floor 1, got bored and am waiting to continue tomorrow.
  4. Haldurson

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    I probably shouldn't be helping you since this is a competition, and all. But I'm a nice guy so I'll tell you what I'm thinking lol.

    In my current run, I maxed out Demonology. But I'm thinking that I should have either stopped at, as you say, Celestial Circle, or Infernal Contract. I'm finding that Demon Form is underwhelming, and have yet to have anything of mine corrupted, so Flames of the Heckforge hasn't yet been of use. But, of course, ymmv.

    I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through level 6, and both Infernal Contract and Abyssal Fire seem to me to be INCREDIBLY useful, though I can see them being less so as I get deeper.
  5. Haldurson

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    Ack just died on level 7 (I'll update my earlier post with the score), and it was the demon form which killed me lol. I transformed at a most inopportune time. I probably could have gotten away but I risked fighting anyway.
  6. Warlock

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    be grateful you didn't get Vampirism. Or Vegan, for that matter.
  7. Giygas

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    Euurgh, I don't know which is worse.

    I've decided to stop at Celestial Circle. My Clockwork Chainsword will deal all the damage I need (though it will become underwhelming after a while because of no dual wield).

    I'm going to go up to Circle and then max out Shields. Better get Defensive Bash ASAP to compensate for no second weapon. (At least the Wyrmscale shield will be useful on DL 9, though smithing gave me plenty of :resist_conflagratory:)
  8. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    I'm on my last run of 7 now (see above), about a quarter of the way through level 2 (did the Monster zoo there easily). Looks like this will be another decent, if slowish, run. I MIGHT be in the running, depending on how others do. Then again, I did have some lousy runs as well. We'll see.
  9. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    Darnit, I got two VERY unlucky Krongs on my chainsword. Now it's junk and I have to use a CoE Staff of Immaculate Concepuwhatever.

    Halfway done with 5th floor, the monster zoo is dead and I have about 120k points. If I actually kill Dred, i'm stealing someone's cookie. (I so gosh darn wish I had Archaeology...)

    Edit: Finished the 5th floor. Found a VERY tempting Mysterious Portal...
  10. Haldurson

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  11. Warlock

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    Reached floor 3, cleared it out since. Leveling up rapidly and I have a considerable store of supplies which might come in handy. Nicked a Shrike's ring from a fountain and a Ring of Iron Thorns from another. Them vending machines are starting to look tempting to hoard up supplies now, I have a lot of money to spend. Alcohol might be a bit of a problem on lower floors since I haven't got alchemy but so far I haven't found the need to use that much of it. It tends to regenerate anyway when you spend a little time bashing things in the head with your stick/sword/mace/whatever.
  12. Giygas

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    Died from a Cold Carrot in a Monster Zoo. Luckily I got a little more than 200k points, but i'm still behind Haul.
  13. Warlock

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    Hit floor 5 myself, still going good. cleared it about 2/3 of the way and still carrying on. Did I mention that Promethean is broken when dealing with large crowds?
  14. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    Obvious Fireballs had to be nerfed. Twice. There isn't a more broken class XD (although burglary is very very nice)
  15. banjo2E

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    Why's everyone so obsessed with Obvious Fireball? You have to either teleport or set it off in your face for it to be useful. Rune of Exploding is way more helpful, I beat GRPD after using OF like, 10 times total, and Tactical Pyre never.

    Also, Promethean's supposed to be high-damage, that's kind of its gimmick, high-damage splash spells at the cost of everything else a build needs.

    Also also, it's useless on floor 9.

    I'd join the challenge, but I'm far too fond of mods to abandon them for something like this.
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  16. mining

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    GRPD random roll competition WITH MODS thread, maybe?
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  17. Haldurson

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    Since a couple of mods are blatantly cheat mods, you may want to place restrictions. But I'm in (I try to avoid cheat mods). I actually do a lot worse in modded games anyway, on average, maybe because I'm not as familiar with the mod items and/or skills, or because some of the standard' items that I often look for seem to be harder to get, and with more variety, it's harder to keep your inventory 'sane' (instead of stacks of Apple Jack, and Brandy, you wind up with 13 stacks of 1 or 2 each of everything from grape juice to martinis).
  18. Warlock

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    Beat the rest of the game in a single sitting. I am winnar. Score: 2,754,196. Floor 9 was touch and go at some points but I managed to get through. After that, it was a matter of hitting things until they died.

    I guess I'm the leader now unless somebody else beats the game.
  19. SkyMuffin

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    I had a random crash and it killed my save :( should I just retry or do a completely new set? I was only just starting DL 2 anyway.
  20. Warlock

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    I suppose you can retry if you like, though a lot of people will suggest you re-roll. :rolleyes: