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  1. Cain Redfield

    Cain Redfield Member

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in Mods or General, but it's not really a mod so I figured this would be the place to stick this.

    So here's the rules, you play on GRPD and you have 7 tries. You have to take random stats and then you see how far you go. Simple. There's 2 overall scoring categories: The score of all 7 plays combined, and the score of your top 3 runs. Hopefully some of you are up for the challenge! (You can post what 7 skills you ended up with per build if you'd like but that is optional.)

    I'm on my 6th run right now but I'll edit with my scores once I'm done.

    1st Roll:
    Char name "Purge"
    Skills: Can't remember, he was a vegan though
    Score: 128

    2nd Roll:
    Char name "Be Careful"
    Skills: Dual Wielding/Psionics/Smithing/Archaeology/Alchemy/Mathemagic/Necronomiconomics
    Score: 17,624

    3rd Roll:
    Char name "Grixis"
    Skills: Died too fast to really pay attention, Vampire Pirate though.
    Score: 64

    4th Roll:
    Char name "Nagev"
    Skills: Dual Wielding/Promethean Magic/Killer Vegan/Mathemagic/Magic Training/Maces/Thrown Weaponry
    Score: 40...

    5th Roll:
    Char name "Korgev"
    Skills: Astrology/Berserker Rage/Master Of Arms/Emomancy/Maces/Shields/Archaeology
    Score: 984

    6th Roll:
    Char name "Big Chocolate"
    Skills: Staves/Shields/Berserker/Psionics/Viking Wizardry/Blood Mage/Perception
    Score: 5,952

    7th Roll:
    Char name "Ultimum"
    Skills: Axes/Thrown Weaponry/Psionics/Necronomiconomics/Blood Mage/Burglary/Viking Wizardry
    Score: 12,544

    Top 3 Score Totals:

    Overall Score Totals:
  2. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    I've won the game with a random roll, but that was back when the dungeon was only 10 levels deep (and I don't recall for sure whether it was GR or DM -- I play both ways depending on my mood). What I do know is that I have the achievement for it.

    I will try again right now though, and I'll let you know my score (it may be a very quick game so I may not be long lol).

    /edit btw, I use a ton of mods so some of the skills I get can potentially be ones I've never played with before. If you want a purely non-modded game, I can try that as well
  3. Cain Redfield

    Cain Redfield Member

    Yeah I was kind of thinking it could be a bare bones non-modded thing
  4. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    1. Skills: ARchery, Clutch of Midas, Breathstealer Aspirant, Dastardly Scoundrel, Wind Magic, War Weaver, Mana Pool Master
    Score: 296
    2. Perception, Archaeology, Werediggle Curse, Ninjitsu, Heartburn Aspirant, Star Lawyer, Philosorapter
    Score: 272 (swamped with diggles on my second door)
    more to come (not doing so well lol).
    ok continuing...
    /edit oops, appended scores to wrong place
  5. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    OK cancel those games then lol. I'll start again (not to happy with my first two runs anyway).
  6. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    1. Starting now with Mace, Unarmed, Artful Dodger, Psionics, Tinkering, Demonologist, Rogue Scientist. I'll update when game is over
    /edit Score: 294,000 (died on level 7)

    2. Axe, Mace, Shield Bearer, Dodge, Smith, Piracy, Battle Geology
    Score: 836

    3. Unarmed, Shield, Promethean, Ley Walker, Perception, Piracy, Warlockery (Not bad)
    Score 872 (Crap! drank acid! Should have known better!!!)
    4. Mace, Unarmed, Vampirism, Mathemagics, Promethean, Tinkering, Big Game Hunter
    Score: 248 (playing really horribly this afternoon!)
    5. Archery, Vampirism, Mathemagics, Necronomiconomics, Astrology, Emomancy, Piracy
    Score 232
    6. Axe, Unarmed, Vampirism (yikes! 3 times in a row!), Psionics, Viking, Magic Training, Fungal Arts
    lol 68 !!
    7. Unarmed, Shield, Berserker, Perception, Assassination, Fungal Arts, Clockwork Knight
    Score: 76,908

    Top 3: 371,780
    Total: 373,164
  7. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Dragon aspirants totally throw off your skill variety when you do random rolls, I really wish fax separated it from his faxpack
  8. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Just comment these out?
  9. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Easiest solutions would be to either not use faxpax for a random, or use tons of skill mods to dilute those choices. I generally go for the latter solution since faxpax is a pretty awesome mod. No faxpax this contest though :cool:
  10. Ekanselttar

    Ekanselttar Member

    Sounds fun.

    First roll: Unarmed, Dual Wielding, Master of Arms, Mathemagic, Blood Magic, Ley Walker, Battle Geology. A bit of overlap there, but looks like a promising gish in the making.

    Edit: I didn't figure out how Plutonic Fist worked until right as I died, randomly teleported into a mob of diggles.

    Score: 160
  11. Lorrelian

    Lorrelian Member

    The Roll: Unarmed Combat, Golemancy, Necronomiceconomics, Assassination, Wand Lore, Emomancy and Warlocky.


    I think we may have a winner here. *knocks on wood* Report to follow!
  12. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Cool ). I'm a big fan of Necroeconomics, I'm still on my first 'official' run -- just cleared the zoo on level 4 (after looting brax on level 3 of a Flail of Pleiades, plus assorted wands and other goodies). So I'm feeling ok about this run. I'll update the above post when I'm done.
  13. Lorrelian

    Lorrelian Member

    Managed to clear DL 1, although I had the obligatory close shaves. Starting wands from Wand Crafting have proved very, very useful. Got myself the Cure, Animate Mustache and Mark of Chthon. I really wish I had something to replenish mana right now, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty optimistic. Thinking about maxing out that Unarmed tree next.
  14. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    #1. Random Guy
    Swords, Shield Bearer, Smithing, Burglary, Psionics, Demonology, Battle Geologist (what exactly is it called?)
    Died from Floor 6 Monster Zoo with 209000 points.

    #2. Random Guy II
    Forgot skills.
    Died from Rusty Caltrops on Floor 1 with 80 points. (joy. this guy was actually kind of good until he stepped on that caltrop eruptor.)

    #3. Random Guy III
    Forgot skills. He had a degree in stupidity, though.
    Died from a Sickly Diggle on Floor 1 with 23 points. (faaaaail.)

    #4. Random Guy IV
    Forgot skills.
    Died from a Sickly Diggle on Floor 1 with 223 points. (wow, I stink.)

    #5. Random Guy V
    Forgot skills.
    Died from a Lil' Batty on Floor 1 with 103 points. (from what I remember it was a good build but he opened probably the worst possible door first on floor one. the one with the Deth and a bunch of other evil things.)

    #6. Random Guy VI
    Dual Wielding, Rouge Scientist, Killer Vegan, Burglary, Archaeology, Werediggle Curse, Alchemy
    Savegame destroyed right before engaging Dredmor. Had over 3200000 points (three million two hundred thousand). I will count it as 3200000.

    #7. Joe
    Forgot skills.
    Died from a Snow Baal in a mysterious portal I stupidly walked in to with 8968 points.

    Top Score: 3,200,000 (Random Guy VI)
    Top 3 Score: 3,417,968 (Random Guy I, IV, and Joe)
  15. Hybelkanin

    Hybelkanin Member

    Ooh, I'll have to give this a run or 7 as well. :)

    #1 "Mr Socks, the Sufferer of Armoire" 6.888 points
    Mathemagic, Astrology, Archaeology, Tinkering, Werediggle Curse, Battle Geology, Warlockery
    Looked promising! Then my Radiant Aura made Brax angry, still on floor 1, yeah... Couldn't make it to stairs. Shame, he was on cruise control otherwise, even took down boss aethernaut and octo from quests with ease!

    #2 "Crimson Viper, she dug like a Grimoire" 35.260 points
    Axes, Staves, Unarmed Combat, Assassination, Tinkering, Killer Vegan, Clockwork Knight.
    Looks kind of workable, except 3 weapon skills and no dualwielding. Funs shall be had nonetheless! Death by rocket jump on DL3. :(

    #3"Diggle Dundee, the mockery of Bee" 1.214.004 points
    Axes, Archery, Shield Bearer, Psionics, Perception, Big Game Hunter, Emomancy
    Makin' it work. *nods*
    My most successful random roll GRPD to date. Died on DL12, first door he opened was monster zoo full of death cloud spewing mummies. Oh, well!

    #4"Bad Charlotte, something or other" 72 points
    Axes, Maces, Promethean, Fungal Arts, Tinkering, Rogue Scientist, Warlockery
    Overrun by diggles first door she opened, poor thing.

    #5 "High Hopes, the Dance of Nail" 492 points
    Sword, Dual Wielding, Vampirism, Magic Training, Archaeology, Big Game Hunter, Killer Vegan
    Vampire Vegan, eh? :( Death by vegable after barely finishing off a Deth.

    #6 In progress: "Ibuki, the Adventurer"
    Thrown Weaponry, Master of Arms, Magic Training, Tinkering, Werediggle Curse, Piracy, Demonology
    Top 3 totals: 1.256.152 points
    Totals: 1.256.716 points
  16. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    trying this right now. :)
  17. Lorrelian

    Lorrelian Member

    Got mobbed by zombies on DL2, they killed my mustache and I didn't have mana for another one. Managed to kill them all but got sniped by an electroblobby. ;_;

    First Run:
    Total score: 9880

    Second Run:
    New Skill Set: Swords, Maces, Thrown, Golemancy, Magic Training, Assassination and Battle Geology. We go from dedicated wizard to hardcore tank.
    Total Score: 43248

    Killed by octos in the zoo on DL3. HATES them.

    Third Run:
    Swords, Dual Wield, Necronomiceconomics, Blood Magic, Assassination, Fungal Arts and Wandlore. I don't even...
    Total Score: 120

    Two counters in a row from a diggle. RNG really hated that guy.

    Fourth Run:
    Axes, Psionics, Assassination, Alchemy, Big Game Hunter, Emomancy and Warlocky. Our goal is DL4.
    Total Score: 53800. Didn't quite make it to DL 4 this time. ;_;

    Fifth Run:
    Maces, Crossbows, Fleshsmithing, Necronom, Viking Magic, Tinkering, Clockwork Knight
    Weird, but workable.
  18. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    first run: throwing/unarmed/mathemagic/dual wielding/smothing/rogue scientist/warlockery. Pretty good set except for the awkwardness of unarmed and Dual wielding competing there.

    edit: died to a mummy corpse explosion.

    second run: dual wielding/berserker rage/master of arms/fungal arts/killer vegan/rogue scientist/battle geology
  19. StonedNarwhal

    StonedNarwhal Member

    Okay, this looks awesome.
    First Roll: Staves, Archery, Shield Bearer, Golemancy, Magic Training, Archaeology & Big Game Hunter
    Never used Big Game Hunter or Shield Bearer before and I'm not too familiar with most of the others, so I'm not expecting much.
    Edit: Did better than expected but got shocked from a distance on 3hp
    Second Roll: Necronomiconomics, Blood Magic, Burglary, Archaeology, Smithing, Piracy & Battle Geology
    Not a clue how this will turn out.
  20. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    I don't know Battle Geology at all, but Necronomiconomics+Blood Magic can make for a really good run all by their lonesome. And Piracy synergizes a bit with Smithing. And of course, Burglary and Archaeology are not bad either.

    Update on my 1st run -- I'm still alive, cleared a zoo on level 6 now, and doing well. I maxed out Demonology for the first time. Infernal Contract is great, least up until the current level it has been (not sure how good it will be as I get deeper). Demon Form is a bit underwhelming though, and just discovered that Flames of the Heckforge does NOT clean up krong curses (Darn! Darn! Darn! -- did unfortunate damage to my flail of the Pleiades because I was under the impression that it could fix it == otherwise I would have simply kronged a ring instead). Still, can't complain as I'm still alive :cool:.