GRPD Pure Warrior Run Fail

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    I just got done playing a Pure Warrior build: with Dual Wield, Clockwork Knight, Battle Geology, Swords, Smithing, Berserker Rage and Master of Arms. I was doing quite well and made it to floor 15. I ran into an extremely hard double monster zoo at Floor 15 and almost cleared it. Then I died. I was downing Grilled Cheese Sandwiches every 30 seconds. I was killed by a Deep Raven when I hit the Digest button when completely blind.

    I tried going completely without any Rogue or Mage items, ended up being forced to use Thrown and Bolts to manage casters in monster zoos. Did not touch any Mage items at all(except fisking/selling them), and ended up giving up some really good weapons because they had max mana, haywire and mana regen. Didn't matter cause I was pretty much twinked for Lord Dredmor. Was kinda lame with the monster zoos too cause they were right next to the stairs.

    In the end, the reason why I died is actually my own mistake. I used to think that digest while blind wouldn't work and would only expend one turn if there's enemies nearby.

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