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  1. Warlock

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    You'll find something similar. There is one wizardlands code that guarantees two very heavily enchanted artifact rings to spawn (code 3 or 4 on our spreadsheet assuming there were no new codes added.) I have tested and confirmed this.
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    Yeah, loot appears to be directly tied to the code itself. :)
  3. Warlock

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    A code exists on level 9 or 10 which provides armored archmage robes (artifact version) plus a time lord scarf and a heavily enchanted Malleus Maleficarum. This I cannot wait to get to.
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  4. DavidB1111

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    That's a relief, Warlock.
    I hope I get the good stuff. Being as though I've already got down to floor 7, not too many of these special levels spawn good gear. :)
  5. Psiweapon

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    gor = dlvl 1
    kol = dlvl 2 or 3
  6. Warlock

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    If I may, also;
    I heard that you can possibly find one code sporting a single room with an artifact Ulmish Blacksteel/Magnetronic Plate. This is old info pinched from the alpha test so I'm not sure if it still applies. Throwing it out there for those warrior-types.
  7. Null

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    That's what got Chris Whitman to put a checksum on the code. The mystical floor zero phoneme is see, which generated a tiny bit of floor 15 and floor 1 stuff. I tried it a bit and found that mystical wizardland that had a single Ulmish Blacksteel.

    If you're interested the code was Zerahuzseenus
  8. Warlock

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    Thanks, will check it out soon.
  9. Zoogy

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    Floor 1:

    Floor 2:

    Floor 3:

    Floor 4:
  10. Darkmere

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    Floor 5: Kyzanuzkulluz

    Closest chest to the entry had clockwork gauntlets in it (score!).

    Everything else was pretty lackluster. Perhaps even terrible.

    New one: Floor 6: Blagorgorlioomag

    Contained nothing of note, save artifact amulet with trap affinity and sundry other stats, nothing special.
  11. TheKirkUnited

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    First two are from DL4, third is from DL5. Found some useful wands in them but otherwise lackluster gear.

    An interesting sidenote, I've recently acquired the capability of knockback on every hit. This has taught me that you can, in fact, slap the graffiti right off the wall. I lost one code this way. Let this be a warning.

    Also: Where can I look at this spreadsheet people keep talking about?
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    Follow the link in the OP.
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    I have one not listed Paknuskullgorjaf. Level 1 I died after pulling a lever that spawned 2 evil clones... but didn't explore it all before dying.
  15. Borodin

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    There seems to be a theme going, here. If you see levers, only pull them if you want to summon a pair of relatively dangerous evil clones for low level characters. Nobody has reported lever-pulling to result in a five-course banquet.
  16. Giygas

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    One person pulled a lever and got drunk.
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  17. Warlock

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    The levers connected to the inactive crystalline nodes are the only ones which give the alcohol buff. The others summon dangerous clones. No other effects have been documented thus far in my explorations.

    Looking through the list and am updating all the existing entries as I see them. When I'm finished with those I shall add the rest from the thread.
  18. Giygas

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    Ah. I never saw that the lever was in a different room until now.
  19. Giygas

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    I don't get it. Binarpbagorng is supposed to have two artifact rings, but I explored the whole thing and didn't see a single ring. Nor were there any artifacts at all.
  20. Borodin

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    Perhaps their appearance was conditional upon the character being a certain level. Or perhaps some levels, or artifacts, have randomized elements. Too many variables we don't know, and we're assuming are fixed.