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  1. Warlock

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    Zooitakgoruz, dlvl 1 on my crafter type. Unexplored yet.
    edit:Lknuschagorpor, on the same dlvl. also unexplored.
  2. Stryke

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    Pnunusuzgorrah level 1, very easy with artifact gloves at the end. More interestingly contains a lever that does not bring about instadeath via evil clones but gets you drunk instead.
  3. Warlock

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    Innuzuzgoriz, also found on dlvl 1.
  4. klaymen_sk

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    All explored, easy and the loot was weak.
  5. Psiweapon

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    Some more:


  6. Warlock

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    on what dlvl were these? be sure to mention that when entering.
  7. DavidB1111

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    Well, that doesn't make much sense for me though, since I have all the expansions.
    I don't know why certain maps here are different for me than others.
  8. Frelus

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    Could it be that mods change it, too?
  9. Warlock

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    search me. A couple (only a couple) have changed for me, and only in template with a few other bits. The rooms (more or less) and the loot found in most of them are relatively similar. The artifact rings room found in dlvl 1 wizardlands, when tested, worked as advertised (and those rings were GOOD.) Coupled with my burning tome I can easily do ~20-25 damage to most enemies now and ~30 on a crit. They also handed a nice bonus to resistances also and +2 TA which now lets me to start pumping actual combat skills.

    Also a note on my crafting journey; still derping around on dlvl 1 wizardlands and exploring all the possible codes. Readers do note that many codes in this thread are not entered yet. You'll have to update those since I can't be arsed, having too much fun grabbing shitty loot and crappy alcohol and stepping in piles of old wizard bones and empty bottles.
  10. Warlock

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    Level 1:

    Level 2:

    Level 3:

    Level 4:
    Eylecharpkiigor (purported to have good loot)

    Gleaned for the benefit of our spreadsheet makers from the Bay 12 forums Dungeons of Dredmor topic. Please add any other codes you find elsewhere to our master list, and thanks. Will now head to Facepunch and Penny Arcade to upload the ones I find there.
  11. Warlock

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    Facepunch possessed very slim pickings; just one code - PNUAKCHUGORMAG
    off to penny arcade to try my luck there.
  12. Giygas

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    Eyjafuzgorwa: Nothing special, but a LOT of levers. I didn't check the first two, but the third is a clone lever.
  13. Warlock

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    Level 2 - Pillechzarmargah
    Kyzukzukgorzan (level unknown)
    Pownuzgorzan - Level 1, (megabad?) artifact club at the end.
    Valjonusgorkii - Also level 1
    Korpakarpgorzar - low level
    Pakkolunfuumgorlioo - low level
    Cornrhochagorkii - low level
    Blanusbelgorfro - low level
    Bangtweizakcra - what looks like an AMAZING amulet for taking, level 1
    Achfurfroakkii - Vampire Hunter's Hat, artifact version, end of hallway with Elder Rune traps. May vary.
    Pakomwagorrah - One Sparkling Glove artifact at end of Elder Rune trap hallway (?reported that found artifact may vary)
    Powewnakgorlioo - level 1, largely more of the same
    Lkjafjafmagom - level 2, has Cybercone
    Fobaitmagcha - level 1.
    Kromewnjafgorkol - level 1

    These codes were looted from Something Awful forums. Add to list, please.
  14. SamuelMarston

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    You know it's just as easy to add your Wizardland Addresses to the spreadsheet as it is to post them to the thread. The difference is that the spreadsheet organizes them so people can find and use your addresses. I don't know if Greggbot is going to want to keep going through the thread adding new codes to the document.
  15. Warlock

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    Alright. I'll work on adding them with relevant entries tomorrow when I get home from my night duty. Just posting them all in one place for now.

    edit: A like or two for collecting all these codes won't be out of place either. (shameless plug)
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  16. DavidB1111

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    I've got a large list to go through now, and I will report if I find anything off in any of the above wizardlands.
    How many total wizardlands are therE? 1.2 million or something?
    I can't imagine it would be a 32bit number. That would be 2.5 billion. :p
  17. Warlock

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    Theoretically infinite. You could go on and on just cherry-picking the best, and earning any supplies you needed badly from those. Perception + Clockwork Knight + Piracy = batshit insane infinite loot.
  18. Warlock

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    Cornpornggorunfuum - another code for dlvl 1
  19. SkyMuffin

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    coolest Wizardland I've gotten so far:

    DL 2
    Eldritch bolts, Tin Ring w/ +2:dmg_toxic: , +1:resist_acidic: , +1:resist_putrefying: , +1:nimbleness: , +2:magic_power: , +1:block: , +1:armor_asorb:

    great little ring for early game. That acid res has been super useful against clones.

    Edit: I just updated the spreadsheet so that good loot can now be marked. Just append "Good:" to your entry under the "Loot" column and it will be highlighted. Some people have found pretty nifty things!
  20. DavidB1111

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    Ten bucks says if I go there I won't find that ring. :(