Graffiti sharing thread

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by greggbot, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. greggbot

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  2. Frandarre

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    Have mine: Lkarpakgorarp
  3. Stryke

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  4. Nicholas

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    ... you should probably point out what's *in* your graffiti.
  5. greggbot

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    But that spoils the surprise!
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  6. Stryke

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    I've got no idea, I keep dying so often trying out silly random builds with the new skills I haven't even seen some keys yet. Still fun though.
  7. delta534

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    Here is one I've entered, watch out for the clones.

    I have yet to enter this one
  8. Frelus

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    Damnit, I just opened one myself.
    Will ask Daynab to delete it.
    Here is mine, anyway:
  9. JabberSnatch

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    Here's one:

  10. Scorcher24

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    One I found:

  11. jadkni

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    I died in it quite quickly.
  12. SkyMuffin

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  13. Giygas

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    Oh, I found some.


    Oops, wrong kind of graffiti.

    I haven't gotten any REAL graffiti yet. I haven't gotten CotW yet :(
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  14. AvzinElkein

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    I got: Pilwapokgorsee
  15. DuckAndCower

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    Um, maybe I'm missing something here, but how exactly do you get to that pocket dimension? My inventory is spilling all over the place.

    [edit] Figured it out. Also, the above code takes you to an easy area. However, the first lever you encounter will summon a couple of clones that will tear you up if you're a low level (which I was).
  16. Frandarre

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    Kankiichagorkii - easy wizardland
  17. Ezomori

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  18. Frigorzargorchu - DL 1 - tried it and ended up in Diggle Hell. Unsure if I mistranscribed or if that was the destination all along.
  19. Tirien66

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    Inarpchagorzuk DL 1

    Pretty easy, not much loot, most loot is fairly useless. A few wands there that are worth grabbing though.
  20. Incomp

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    Not gonna share the graffiti I found.

    They don't seem to work and just lead to hell.