GOG's (second) Pick Five 'Bundle'

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Loerwyn, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    Here it is. About 20 games to pick from, some new, some not so new.

    I picked up:
    Alan Wake
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    King's Bounty: Crossworlds GotY (my third copy of the title!)
    Divinity II: Developer's Cut (fourth copy of Divinity II, second copy of the Developer's Cut)
    Legends of Grimrock
    And it cost me $20.

    Only problem is you *have* to pick 5 to get the discounts, so if you're a long-time GOG customer (Hello!), your choices are going to be limited. I think I can just about manage another four more, but I wouldn't know what to go for with the fifth so I'm not going to at all.
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  2. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    I grabbed:
    Alan Wake
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    Divinity II: Developer's Cut
    Chronicles of Riddick: The Assault on Dark Athena
    Total: $19

    Already had KB: crossworlds and legend of grimrock.
  3. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    you paid $15+ for it on gog are you utterly insane Aegho????
  4. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    I got it during the steam winter sale, not on gog. No I don't buy duplicates just so I can have a non-steam copy.
  5. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    Oh, phew. I was gonna say, GOG's initial price was shocking! I picked up a retail copy for a fraction of that, and I'd paid less than that for a pre-order of Crossworlds on Steam (I had Armored Princess before, but I can't remember how much I paid for it).

    I've spent Too Much Money on King's Bounty, and I don't even have the new one.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I really wanna take advantage of this but I feel like I'd be buying a ton of games I'd never play, for the most part. :\