General Winter

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Warskull, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Warskull

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    Skills with drawbacks are okay, but this skill seems like more of a threat to the player than it is to the enemy. That cold damage hits the player pretty hard. The winter offensive should probably carry some more cold resist on it and the communism line should probably give a bit more cold resist early on. It just feel a little wrong that I currently would prefer if this skill never triggered.
  2. SkyMuffin

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    You get a free hat when you learn General Winter. It gives you +4 cold res.
  3. Also it lets you get a resist cold buff from drinking vodka.
  4. Warlock

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    doesn't vodka already give that buff? haven't used a bottle yet but still.....
  5. Warskull

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    The vodka cold buff is nice, but unreliable. This triggers a lot, you don't have that much vodka. The vodka feels more about the +3 burliness.

    Dredmorpedia started getting some of the skills up, turns out it scales with crit, which is why it was hitting me so ridiculously hard. Still feels like an extra 1 or 2 cold resists could go a long way.
  6. Unless I'm misreading it, Vodka gives you "Communist Water Fluoridation" if you don't have the winter offensive buff up, which is -1 to all primary stats and +1 armor. (I haven't played a communist build to actually see how it works in practice, I'm just going off of the xmls here)