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    Well, I did manage to trade away one of my two copies of "Talisman DE". And guess what? I got yet another copy today lol (I can't explain yet how I got it, but I promise I will, as there is a good story attached to it. I'm just not sure whether I'm allowed to... yet. I haven't signed anything, but I'll err on the side of caution for now.

    In addition, I got a 2-user copy of "The Ship" (including the single player version, standard version, and tutorial). I took one of the copies, and the other is in my steam inventory to gift or trade.

    Finally, I have Steam keys -- I don't want the games associated with those keys, so I'm not registering them on Steam. But I'm willing to gift them or trade them (if you have something to trade). The keys are for the following games:
    Space Hulk
    Dungeonbowl, knockout edition
    Storm of Vengeance.

    If you have something to trade, fine. You can offer me a game or steam cards for any game that I actually play. If not, if you ask nicely, I may just give it to you.

    PM me if you are interested.

    As I said, it's an interesting story how I got some of these keys, and when I can, I will tell the story.
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