Game crashes instantly when I try and load my save after last patch.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Veritas, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Veritas

    Veritas Member

    I load up my save from yesterday and it instantly crashes my game, no error message. It just closes. This was a level 11 character on floor 4 with an invisible shield and a 12x krong'd mace so I'm a bit upset :c
  2. Hyfrydle

    Hyfrydle Member

    In the Twitter announcement it does say previous saved games may not work. This happened to me too so I guess it's time to start again.
  3. Hallogenic

    Hallogenic Member

    Same thing happened to me. Was on level 6 with some really good gear... Not really happy about this...
  4. abomination5

    abomination5 Member

    Completely unacceptable. Steam automatically updated and now, without warning, I've lost about 5 characters I was rotating between.
  5. Bakyra

    Bakyra Member

    You can always download the 1.0.2 version and play them to the end. They were saying that updating the game may render old saves useless.
  6. abomination5

    abomination5 Member

    How do I go about that?
  7. Hallogenic

    Hallogenic Member

    Steam auto updates...
  8. falkor99

    falkor99 Member

    Same issue here. Auto update through steam. None of my saves load, they just insta-crash. Not acceptable.

    As a business owner I am really surprised a company that clearly put a lot of effort into a game would willingly anger their paying customers with an update that makes their saves useless. Either the people running the show at gaslamp are very bad business people or something else is going on... I would really like to see this company succeed but they're doing everything possible to stop that it seems like.
  9. drplote

    drplote Member

    Just pretend you stepped on an invisible trap that did 1000 damage.

    At least we get a cheevo for it!
  10. Serith

    Serith Member

    I'd honestly rather see the saves break now so they can add stuff in the future then see them break it later. I lost a Going Rogue character to the patch with a 11x Krong'd Vampire Hunter Hat and around 20 Bolts of Mass Destruction. It doesn't bother me too much either.

    I'm somewhat astounded by how people are reacting. Things break. Bugs happen. Gaslamp hasn't done anything to destroy my trust, so I'm going to believe that they actually did whatever they could to keep this from happening, but couldn't.

    By the way, you can disable auto updates and have someone send you the files from 1.0.2 most likely.

    Also; Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.
  11. falkor99

    falkor99 Member

    It's trivial to write a conversion routine from old saves to new saves. I wouldn't be in business if I didn't support my old customers upgrading to newer versions of our software. It's inexecusable that gaslamp doesn't convert your old saves.

    I'm going to give it till the weekend then throw a 1 star review on metacritic. I feel like I'm playing some high school kid's tech demo, not a properly developed piece of software.
  12. psh

    psh Member

    You're kind of a baby if you care that much about your video game saves. It's not like you lost anything important
  13. Jabe

    Jabe Member

    They lost their investment of time into the game. Time is rather important to me, being mortal and all that.
  14. psh

    psh Member

    Just start a new game you baby
  15. ArchoX

    ArchoX Member

    Someone dont have plenty of time but yeah, if u want play your older saves just download other version or just wait for developers.
  16. Serith

    Serith Member

    @falkor99 So you are threatening to give it 1 star because...They updated, fixed a ton of issues, and changed how saves work so they could easily add future content? REALLY?

    I did get a good laugh out of saying it's trivial to convert them though. Good show. So, how many games have you coded that required you to do that? :)

    Just start a new game, in a dungeon that is actually working as it should have been. The game hasn't been out long. You didn't lose months of time. Did you enjoy playing the game? If yes, your time wasn't wasted. You die all the time in Roguelikes, this is just another death.
  17. Greg72

    Greg72 Member

    lol, you must be new to steam. Always disable automatic updates and back up a copy of the entire old version before updating if you want to finish games.
  18. Ryuforce

    Ryuforce Member

    It's not as big of a deal as you guys are making it. Not only that but
    A.) They warned us that the patch may corrupt the saves and did their best to prevent that.
    B.) Part of the point of this game is having to restart it.
    C.) You can disable auto updates to prevent this.
    and D.) Stop whining over it. I rather them steam out updates with the risk that it will break older version saves of the game then get updates that are not big or do not break saves so people will not complain about it.
  19. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    If you're so mad about it, Falkor, why not write your own savegame converter? It doesn't look that hard, you'd just need to pirate a copy of 1.02 in order to generate old-style saves and compare them to the new-style saves and reverse-engineer it on that basis.

    From scanning it, it looks like the entirety of the explored and unexplored parts of the dungeon are written to the save file which would make things tricky, and there's references to image files scattered in there... it would be an interesting project.
  20. angbad

    angbad Member

    It is that big of a deal really. Was on level 9 with a ~12 hours invested.


    I think for a game like this the first thing they should do is make sure your saves are compatible before it goes live. This is going to make so many people stop playing. I know I am for at least a week.