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    Anyone here try this one? I do not trust demos, and I do not want to pirate it to determine if it is good or just more junk, so I am asking here instead.

    If you are wanting to buy it, please do them a favor and buy it directly from them. They have their own store to sell it, or if you would prefer others get the bulk of the money you pay, you can buy from Steam or GoG. (That is sarcasm, buy from them directly.)

    It looks good, but it may still need some polish and a patch or two to be good enough for me to justify. I am a harsh critic though.

    *Edit* I think the "Humble Store" is the same one Gaslamp Games uses. I know there may be legal crapola in the way of a direct answer with details, but can you tell us that you get a better cut of the sales from this over Steam?

    Next time I buy DoD it will be via the Humble Store. (Unless you say you get more from sales via Steam or Desura.) I hope the expansions are there when I do. It would suck to have to buy them from a different group, even if it is trivial to integrate them together.
  2. Daynab

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    Everybody's talking about it and loving it. I personally bought it and will be downloading it tonight so I'll give out my impression.

    I know it was spoken very highly of by friends however.
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  3. Godwin

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    Yes I am interested, it looks like it could be great fun. Waiting a bit still though, would love to hear what Daynab (and others) think.
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    It's nice. Weird in a crazy way and sometimes hard, but nice.
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    I read the comments and it seems to me that people who can appreciate rogue-like games are liking it, and others are having a mixed reaction.

    I decided to take the chance based on what I've read in the steam forums (despite having far too many games in my queue to try -- damn those sales and games bundles!). I'll also post my impression once I actually have a chance to spend some time with it.
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    Ha, I came here to create a topic about it and voila, it's already here.

    It really seems interesting, I'm always hooked by that kind of game concept. Is there some word from the devs about future updates, new stuff and such?
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    One of my crew members reverse-aged into nothingness. I love this game.
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    That is the plan. I want to make every possible topic so I can have more room to troll. And so it is harder to bitch at me for getting threads closed by being *WAY* off topic regularly. (Like this post.)
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    I definitely like it. It has a very roguelike vibe to it, with a lot of randomness. You never know if an event turns out good or bad, there are mysterious stasis pods...
    It has a lot of micromanagement, but it's very painless and fluid and pretty intuitive.
    What I love about this game: Good UI and controls, feels very natural. Information is presented in a sensible way and you can see what is happening at a glance. Controls are intuitive, no huge submenues or anything. Play through the tutorial, which is super short, and you'll be ready to rumble. It will obviously take some time and some deaths before you get to the boss (I haven't managed it yet :/) but it feels always like your fault, not the game.
    You have a lot of options in approaching combat and the game in general, there is hit&run tactics, which are implemented with Stealth, you can go for all-out firepower, be a turtle, board the enemy ship, burn them down, and and and...
    What I dislike is that often the game simply forces an approach onto you, simply because you find no other affordable weapons or you are lacking a crucial component like the teleporter.

    I highly recommend it though, especially for the price :)
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    Yeah. It is either $8 or $9 USD depending on where you buy it from.

    I will be buying it this upcoming month.

    I know this is off topic, but I would love to hear if the Gaslamp Crew have any advice about where to buy it? It is available on Steam and the Humble Store. I am leaning heavily for the Humble Store. But can you confirm that is a better option for them? Or is it basically the same for them either way?

    I imagine no less than 10% of the sale price is going directly to the stupid transaction fees that they have to pay either way. (Since I pay via a credit card, there will be no less than 3% fees even if they managed a great rate.) I do not know anything about the Humble store, and I have read that Steam refuses to even discuss such details with customers. (And even has one or more hidden clauses in their contracts forbidding those they work with/for to discuss such things too.)

    There have been times that I found the details and determined the best way to buy a $10 USD game was to steal it and mail a $10 bill to the people who made the game, since they would in that instance have gotten less than $2 from the sale. I do not like doing this, but I want to maximize the pay to good game makers.

    And finally, thank you for not banning me. You know my motives are good. I am just crazy. Thanks for tolerating me. :D
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  11. Createx

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    It's 9$ directly from the devs, which also nets you a steam key, as well as DRM free download. I guess they keep more from this than from selling it on Steam, dunno how much the Humble Store takes as a provision.
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  12. Daynab

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    I just played it a bunch, and I really, really enjoy it. At first it seems like there's not much depth, but then you notice there's tons of unlockable stuff, equipment, etc.

    Just died in my first game, sector 4 I think. Lost most of my crew trying to help other ships, so I had only two left, then I ran into a rebel storage ship and tried to get their cargo - turns out I was SO not prepared for it.

    Honestly, the amount of random events is what will decide if this game is worth playing for a long time or not.
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  13. Godwin

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    Did I say I would wait with buying this? Hrm, must have been before I saw it could be bought directly from the developers website at 9 dollars (wich is a lot less than the 8.99 euros Steam is aking me for it, even if it is 10% off there).

    I also checked out TotalBiscuits WTF is FTL, but after I played the game myself :p

    I really, really like it! It has enough variety to keep me busy for a long time, haven't ever really tried out defense and attack drones yet, did have fun with a repair drone. Ion weapons I have never used, nor any beams.

    Playing on normal, I have unlocked 1 other ship, which will also be great to try out.

    I would have liked it more if there were skills your crew gets when leveling up, and them leveling up higher. Also more rooms that can be staffed for a bonus would be nice, and more rooms (systems, really) in general actually.

    That said, it's really a LOT of fun and I am really happy with my purchase. I thoroughly recommend it. :)
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  14. Daynab

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    Mantis sectors don't fuck around. Be extremely prepared if you go in one, especially against boarding enemies.
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  15. Archos

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    Ah, i'm convinced, buying it now. Thanks guys!

    I'll post my impressions here later.
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  16. Daynab

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    After playing a couple games, here's a few tips I've noticed:

    If you run into a slaver ship (seems common enough), accept their offer to give you a slave (to turn into a crewmember) instead of destroying them. Your crew is the most important part of the ship and they're rare and expensive. Plus if you're lucky you might get a different race.

    If you get one, check their special stats for that race. They're all more useful than humans in their field.

    Don't use all your missiles in a fight, use them only when you want to disable certain things fast. I usually use them once to disable enemy shields.

    Mantis have a 150% attack bonus (when boarding you for example), which you can't see until you get one. Beware of them.

    I haven't been very far yet though.
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  17. Godwin

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    Unlocked my second ship ^^ Game's great. Plenty of combo's and stuff still to try out. In fact the randomness helps: you have to cope with what you get, and can't go for weapon X or combo Y. That said, the different ship starts offer quite a lot of variety so far. I am sure the others will offer similar new ways of playing. And then there's different room layouts per ship... haven't even got 1 achievement yet :p
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  18. Archos

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    Played it for a bit (about one hour, until I got crushed on a nebula :/). The game is really nice and well made. But I had that feeling that it was missing something... maybe it's the space for customizing your stuff better, since you have and get a considerably limited amount of resource on your path (and even the path is limited, as that rebel wave keeps pushing you forward). Not that it's bad at all, but I prefer when I have more maneuverability. This don't make the game bad, it just give me a feeling of "linearity" (don't know if this is the correct term to express that feeling, but oh well).

    Otherwise, it's really fun and challenging, you have to ponderate when you'll face an enemy or try to flee, if you'll risk going to a unknow sector or cut through a shop, and such. The combat system is funny and allows some strategy, at the same time it keeps simple to play. It's a game that put lot of weights on everything you do, be it upgrading stuff, choosing to where you'll go next, or wich part of the ship you should send your crew while fighting. And it seems to have lots of random stuff, allowing lots of customization and different game style (altough it's kinda of limited on your first run).

    Since I played it for about only 70 minutes, I didn't experienced too much, so things could turn even better. Worth a try :)
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    I've only played it for a short time and it's fun, but sometimes very difficult. I had to flee one area due to overwhelming trouble, and ended up running into even more -- ship was boarded, but my last two crew members burned up in a fire that had spread into the med bay.
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    I have never signed such a contract, so I can tell you that the split on Steam is 30% to Valve, 70% to the developer.