Free DLC - You Have To Name The Expansion Pack - Announced

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Daynab, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. jhffmn

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    I just got the urge to do another play through, and now you release more stuff?

    I'm going to spend $60 on diablo 3 in a couple of weeks and then end up never finishing the game and playing this for 100 hours instead.
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  2. Marak

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    I think I'm going to name mine "Project Odin", despite the protests of Nicholas and company. ;)
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  3. OmniaNigrum

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    ROFLMFAO! Nicely done! :) :)
  4. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Just in case no one noticed, David rolled in almost the entirety of the Essential Core Skills Rebalance and the Essential Expansion Skills Rebalance into the new DLC. So even if you don't care about the new content, getting bennies like Perception giving item drops on kill and weapon skills giving +Melee Power on levels 4, 5, and 6 is totally a phat-and-all-that reason to get the new DLC. :)
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  5. Loerwyn

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    Which means...

  6. Loerwyn

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    Actually, I have a question about it.

    Will the DLC/Expansion fit nicely into existing saves, or will I have to start over?
  7. Kazeto

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    Normally, one would assume that starting a new save is the sensible thing to do.
  8. Loerwyn

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    Yeah, it's entirely likely that's what I'll do. Obviously we don't know when the pack will be out, but it was more a case of "do I wait for the pack or do I continue with this character until then?"
  9. madcow

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    After thinking about it longer, I've decided I might have to name my expansion pack.

    Dungeons of Dredmor: Digglestyle.

    Also, I better go over to the mod section and actually read up on what might be included. Beyond the mentioned new skills, there's a complete skill rebalancing, new traps, and new enemies?

    Edit: Or "Diggling It".
  10. OmniaNigrum

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  11. ... well, I wasn't -before- this post.
  12. Wootah

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    This is so awesome. Glad to hear it. Having things like monster toss and zombification being useful is great.

    So I have heard in the post that the blacksmithing(and other crafting levels) are higher with this new expansion... but is that through additional levels on the skills or by some other means?
  13. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Clockwork Knight and Rogue Scientist grant crafting levels above and beyond the basic crafting skills, and there are other, more mysterious ways to gain crafting levels temporarily as well. :)
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  14. Kazeto

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    Do you mean the hidden crafting skill-boosting rooms and equipable/usable items, Essence?
  15. Essence

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    Shh! They're mysterious! (yes)
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  16. Lorrelian

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    Ye gots ta wiggle yer fingers when ye says it!
  17. Shadowplay

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    So any release date on this or is it just "very soon" ? :)
  18. Karock

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    It's in testing right now. So... once it has had at least a week of testing with no significant problems most likely?
  19. Jeffwik

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    Is a week of testing with a stable release candidate the usual procedure? I'm running w/ Steam on a Mac, which is to say I'm unable to try the test files (unless I'm wrong and just don't know how), so I was hopeful the release was a likely-this-weekend kind of thing. I'm all in favor of getting it right before pulling that lever, though. If it'll be at least another week I'm liable to swap over to Windows and try again to get the test version to run. I tried the first version of the beta and it claimed to need some DLL files I had to seek out and download from sketchy DLL library sites, and then once I had those it just crashed immediately upon startup anyway.
  20. LionsDen

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    I believe it was Nick that said he needed to get out a mac version of the test so that RB could test it himself. RB added many of the new rooms from his interior dredmorating mod. So with luck a mac version will be up soon. He only mentioned it last night so it may be a few days. :)

    If you don't have the expansion RotDG, you will need to remove the folder expansion, no expansion 2 when you put in the beta. Otherwise it crashes DoD. :)