Free DLC - You Have To Name The Expansion Pack - Announced

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Daynab, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. madcow

    madcow Member

    I'm now envisioning a new monster class of suicidal exploding diggles. Because melee classes are clearly OPed, they need to deal with diggles that explode after running into your face.
  2. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Lol. Them's Fighten' Words!

    Not everyone agrees.
  3. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    maybe we could have Diggle Grenadiers? and diggle companies with artillery and shock troops
  4. Lucentdepths

    Lucentdepths Member

    Oh I was looking around for some sort of poll or thread to suggest names to release it as haha.

    Was thinking that would be pretty cool, and the naming could suggest more to come in the future as more really well done mods come forth.


    Creations from the Diggle Depths part one
    Creations from the Diggle Depths part two
    Creations from the Diggle Depths part four (Dredmor hates trilogies)
  5. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks


    What do you think a Diggle Rocketeer is?
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  6. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Someone needs to add an IED (Improvised Explosive Digglet. It would be a throwing Diggle weapon.)
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  7. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Yeah! This is great. I can't wait until it's released.
  8. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    The mystery of the awesome goggles is solved.

    You win the naming award on this one, Gaslamp.
  9. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    This looks fantastic! I can't wait to play it. Thank you, you wonderful people you.
  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    This is my post in this thread to make sure it shows up on my Alerts thingie.
  11. Wootah

    Wootah Member

    I am so stoked. Especially about the part where I get to name it.
    It reminds me of the never ending story where the girl is asking to be named or whatever... haha. The fact that you can name it on the title screen is just awesome... but then again I LOVE the RotDG screen.
  12. flowers

    flowers Member

    This is very exciting!
  13. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    I haven't dabbled into mods yet so this is a most welcoming news thread.
    The custom name part is a nice touch.

  14. I was assuming it was a diggle in a shiny gold helmet with a fin.
  15. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    I think this would be pretty awesome, actually.

    It's good to see (finally) what's going on with crafting. I was always a little bummed to be unable to make some of the stuff, so hopefully I can now. And maybe I'll even try more skills.
  16. Doomicide

    Doomicide Member

    Will this be on desura, too? Preferably with Rotdg (people on desura are getting a little pissed, over the delay (not me I bought Rotdg on steam and copied the files.))

    Also expansion name: Cyborg Diggle / scrap hero / mechanical hero / Iron Diggle.
  17. Megaron

    Megaron Member

    I'm going to name it Curse of the Rainbow Throne. I had a dream that involved an expansion with that name, and I'm going to make it a reality, dammit.
  18. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I think I'm going to name mine "Realm of the Diggle Mods".
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  19. madcow

    madcow Member

    I was thinking: Dungeons of Modmore: The Moddening

    And btw, I was being sarcastic about melee being overpowered in case that wasn't obvious!
  20. Fayd

    Fayd Member

    Well, isn't this exciting! Should be grand! Now, how soon is soon? Are we talking Valve time, real time, or some other wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff...?