Floor 10 Fake Out

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    I brought it upon myself, really.

    I didn't think a melee build would actually make it to floor 10, much less not die horribly, if not for the RNG's generosity on floor 3. Short version of that is I got the loot from a monster zoo, pawned it off for something to the tune of 30K, and purchased the Hexaxe from the very same shop. Come floor 8, it's being paired with a Broader Axe in the other hand, full plate mail, enchanted arms and armor all around. I was feeling... good. I was ready. I would also like to note this is the first time I've actually gotten to floor 10.

    I should have known. After opening, panicking at, and roundly conquering a dreaded Double Monster Zoo, I spent the next few minutes scouring the floor for Dredmor himself, glancing at my dwindling inventory, when it hit me shortly before I hit myself.

    I turned Realm of the Diggle Gods on with this character. That bony little Humperdink was still five floors down.

    I still haven't picked that save back up. I think the residual derp would finish me.
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  2. lol. :D May I use this in my sig? :)
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  3. Ooh, let us know when you do! You're going to need a very powerful serious face to pull it off!

    (also I think the game is currently bugged to give you 15 floors regardless as long as you own RotDG)
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    I'd be honored for my first post to be considered sig-worthy, sir.

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