Finally beat Dredmor (Permadeath/Going Rogue) Vampire Vegan

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    Woohoo!!!! Finally beat the game!!! This is the build I ran!
    Fungal Arts
    Master of Arms
    Vampirism and Veganism gives a rough start... Expect to die 9/10 times on floor 1. However once you start getting levels you start face rolling. Late game I put my speed to 32x and just spammed attack for monster zoos. However replacing polearms with sword/axes would be viable because there are no good late game polearms, but the polearm skills are so good you dont need the bonus dmg from using polearms. The core skills are Vegan, Vampirism, and Tourism you can switch other skills around at will and still be effective. Dredmor was way easier than everyone complains about, took me about 30seconds-1minute to kill him. if anyone asks i could give a more detailed guide